Shadow Dance


In this world we travel from dream to dream, hope to hope. It is very disconcerting when these fall away and we do not know what to dream next. Where we would like there to be the firm ground of a certain future, there is nothing. We know that tomorrow will happen, but we do not know what direction it will take.

We are afraid that if we let go of the consciousness of our desires and wants, then things will not happen, focus will be lost, and outcomes not achieved. This is because we believe that we are responsible for holding things together. Yet you are being given the opportunity to let go of this responsibility. Become mysterious to yourself – let them flutter away, all those old scripts you have written for the future. Discard them all. Let go completely, irrevocably, let it all fall from your arms, all that you have held.

Like crystal lattices, like snowflakes, these burdens are breaking up and melting away. All the encoded expectations about your future, the future you have painted upon the face of the unknown. It is oddly wonderful to let this fall away. You did not realize what a burden it had become.

This is so profoundly important to your evolution. The surrender of all direction means that the compass can spin into a whole new realm. For this to happen we must accept the radical gift of uncertainty. We must let all agendas and plans fall away, and become once again a Star Walker, one who walks in space. It is this initiation into the burning and beautiful beyond of space that makes this a quantum leap for you.


Dwell in this time quietly. Walk the unknown, infinite depth of space with grace and gratitude. Let this be a great opportunity to free yourself of all the old pathways you have been bound to tread. You do not have to choose any of the faded options, the dim offerings that the mind dredges up. Ignore the temptation to chase the shadows that play themselves out around you. This is but a shadow dance of all that fades away, and you do not have to choose this. Let them quietly dance, these dimmed lights, and wait for the True Dawn. You will find a deep peace arising within, as the days pass and you hold true to this space. Your inner world will become peaceful and silent, attuned to Spirit.


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna


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