Sapphire & Swanfeather

Of sapphire starlight and beginnings. It is my joy to walk with my starlight kindred in the time of beginnings, by the light of an earth born under the stars, before the time of the sun and the time of the moon.

To let go of the veil that has held us bound and invisible to ourselves and one another, dropping the veil of density, the cadences of a world to which we do not belong and never have, to return to the reality that we are destined to bring here, to make real once more
To walk with you, sapphire and swan feathers
To walk with you, under the starlight of remembrance
Remembering true destiny
Learning the wisdom of return, of what it is to ground these great angelic swanfeather wings of the otherworld, the infinite and galactic and star wisdom, the celestial and primordial remembrance
To enter this New Earth of a returning world, to step over the threshold into this parallel and multi-dimensional earth long -dreamt amongst the stars, and existent now
It is time to step across
To step over
To ground the far starlight citadels
The new plasma light codes of a crystalline reality forging itself into existence, golden citadels
Ancient, future and timeless rising
This is more than a journey, it is more than remembrance and return
It is to die to the life that has held you bound, and be reborn to the flower of a life that was always destined to become
A golden leafed, twining door, the door handles of white starlight
This Door, Golden Door into your Elder Starlight dimension, your true home
The Golden roads have led us thus, we stand facing the threshold of this realm, this realm that is ours
Our destiny to walk side by side
To found the Starlight Temples upon earth once more
I hold this journey with all my love, all my passion, all my heart, and as our footsteps converge on the sapphire paths of remembrance, I know that we have walked together before, and this is the fulfilment of a dream we dreamt in the stars
With Infinite, Elfin Love
Elen Elenna

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