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Solstice Ariandelïe 21.6.22

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2022

✨💫✨ Beloved Star of Worlds,

An Elven Solstice Stargate 21.6.22 dawns! Through the archway of Golden Chrysoberyl, into Arïandelie. Arian - Silver, Delï ~ Dwellings. The Silver Dwellings of the Elven. Our homes.

Therein are pools of azure blue, rainbow moonstone, the Sacred Pools. Far Moonstone Orbs, time capsules of Star Gardens of Golden Earth, of Elder Light, Orielle, here held

Everything has a nimbus, a glow. Ariandelïe, fair architecture of Peace. We reveal the dwellings. Far star palaces of the Forest. Numinous with lanterns. The flowers white-starred upon the ground Eldalïe.

Golden Oak Libraries of Efalianon Efalon. We brought the libraries here.

Azure, lilac glows in the forest. Gold and peach, flashes of intelligence. Everything is held here.

I am wandering in the star forests of Ariandelïe, the ancient Earth. Direct connection to the Immortal Starlight realms beyond, Gold and Silver, White Starlight. Parallel Ascended Dimensions. We downloaded the Intel.

At this time of Elven Solstice 21.6.22, a Stargate opens to the Ascended Elven Galaxy of Nuola, through the Elven Temple of Ar-Aria-Fina within the Golden Earth.

♢ Walk in the star gardens of the Elven Elders of Nuola in Lanaikea... Discover/Deepen Access to your Star Garden/City of Light of the Golden Earth, Orielle, Tara
♢ This shall be a beyond beautiful journey to the Star Gardens of Celestial I AM presence ~ as we are brought into Diamond Sun positioning on the Earth through the next phase, a wandering and tending and inter-linking of the Star Gardens, Cities of Light, Ariandelïe and beyond

Awaken as Keeper of the Star Garden of the Golden Earth!

In Honour and Far Love
Elen Elenna



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