Rose Solstice Gate Opens ✨💗💜♢✨


✨💗✨Beloved Angel of Worlds, I would love to invite you to join the Elven Aurora Membership for this Solstice Stargate into the Rose Moon of Elayshianora


We enter the ancient Rose, star-seeded gardens that the Elven brought to Earth, returning as the Elven lands of Elayshianora for the Age that is Dawning


SUCH a special moment to enter the journey


The Elven Aurora Membership is a phenomenally special space ~ a beyond beautiful community of Starlight Kindred all around the globe ~ I was called to create this especially for those Elder & Starlight Kin, those who feel affinity with far remembrance & carry the white starlight codes of Dawn, who feel the call to transition into Soul Star, Avatar embodiment


'Transition into Iconic, Avatar embodiment'


These were the words spoken, again and again, and still do, like a clarion call


It is to become profoundly true, in every way, to one's own crystalline, Angelic Soul Star, Source essence.


For we are not here simply to transduce and transform density ~ to balance other situations and people. As gently, vastly sentient as the star-seeded, starlight Souls are, our sentience of the Dawn is now to be channelled into our own vast remembrance & Return


And to become these incredibly beautiful beacons of Soul Star, Oversoul Presence


The glowing, delineated forms of our own Radiance


Completing into Presence


Becoming Stars, Lanterns of Dawn ~ softly aglow through all realms


It is a crystalline, Diamond Golden calling in our hearts


The Calling of the Golden Ones, of the Angels of the Great Central Sun ~ those of us carrying the Immortal Starlight, Diamond Crystalline Realities of the Ascension coded within us


As gentle as we are, our gentleness is not lost in this Great Dawn, this Light. 


It is the Key, the White Starlight of Peace, of gentle ways and remembrance ~ holding untold power for this New Age of Light


The 'Aurora' of Elven Aurora is our purest, White Starlight, immense Soul Star Light flowing in ~ it is the miraculous Grace of Return ~ the new Solar rays flow in, of our own higher, Celestial, Soul Star, Ancient and Future gifts and abilities, star-seeded, star-coded for Dawn


I would be so beyond honoured and overjoyed to walk with you! You are so welcome to join, and on Tuesday 20th June (tomorrow) shall be our beautiful Elven Solstice Stargate within Aurora, to discover the gifts of the Ancient Sunstar Temple you hold within


This is such a very special time!


With Infinite, Far Love


Elen Elenna



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