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Elven Interview with Dragon Priestess

Beloved Angel of Worlds,

Sometimes you have a conversation with someone and it flies with the wings of a deep unseen Field of resonance ~ I felt this as Yolandi Boshoff and I spoke ~ and as the Dragon Priestess and Starlight Lineage she holds merged with the Elven.

It was very beautiful ~ Yolandi is Amazing!!! I am so happy to finally share ~ it was recorded just before I left for Italy and encountered many a tech hiccup in my mountain house over the summer, and so finally sharing now as I return to Avalon. 

And so it comes through this Equinox Portal this autumn, which feels very perfect, somehow right!


💫 We speak of my own journey of following the Star of my Heart into the initiation of Remembrance

💫 The role of the Elven

💫 Remembrance and Return of the 5D and Beyond Inter-Galactic Earth

💫 How to access this Deepest Reality of your Self and your Truth & Remembrance


It was recorded whilst I was at my father's house looking after him following his heart operation ~ in the library where I wrote novels as a child.... forgive the shadowy video image as I am backlit by the great windows there ~ but it was so very magical to share from this spot.

Enjoy this conversation ~ may it bring blessings and activation of Beautiful Rose Diamond Heart Flows this Ashtara Equinox. Of following the Star of your Innermost Love, and Compass. For it may lead you on the most astonishing journey....


Listen to Radio Show here

Watch on Youtube here


With Infinite, Far Love

Elen Elenna


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