What Is the Elven Aurora Portal?

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2022

✨💫✨ Beloved Star of Worlds,


It is beyond exciting to share the SHIFT of People of the Stars, People of the Sun Membership into the ELVEN AURORA PORTAL ~ a renaissance born in my travels to Italy and Canada, long felt as advancing rays of Dawn and Lighted filaments ~ A DESTINY ALWAYS ON ITS WAY ~ this beautiful, beautiful Online Membership is where the most crystalline heart star of the Ascension teachings I share takes place, where I myself experience the most miraculous shifts from lostness to Soul Star Radiance in the most tangible areas of Life. It is a transfiguration beyond anything I ever believed possible in this lifetime!


Access your own Divine Avatar, Iconic Soul Star existence  ~ the Dawn Lighted Filaments of your own Radiant Power and Iconic Presence, lit by gentlest far rays of aeons and worlds known far within!


Such a beautiful and fulfilling and Soul Star resonating expression of this beyond magical journey of return to Soul Star Immortal Starlight Divine Avatar existence!


Elven Aurora Portal is an Online Community Membership, with x5 Monthly Live with me Elven Transmissions that IGNITES the lighted power of the Celestial Rose Elven ASCENSION Timeline, linking many many hearts, igniting luminance around the world ~ most magical Immortal Starlight Epical Remembrance far within, the filaments of Remembrance of the True Nature of Reality, the filaments of golden, silver, otherworldly silver platinum, lights of pearl and diamond and Dawn with which to create your Reality 


With this New Lighted Way of Purest Radiance, of Immortal Starlight and Celestial I AM Presence, you dream and create the Life you Live, the Luminance you Bring to All


An Ascended Timeline as pure and graceful as Dawn


You walk the wonder of an Epical Existence


Clad in Soul Star Robes


Igniting the Dawn lights and tones and colours, the inner radiance of your existence, its infinite and inner and eternal Beauty


The next level of Existence


Are you called to Ascend with the Elven?


Celestial Soul star Solar Radiance ~ my especial help & that of the Elven of Laniakea ~ to align into coherence the sense of Self with the Iconic Avatar within


To be the Sun of your own Dawn


To awaken your own Quantum, Magical Existence ~ the sacred realm that spirals outward from True Presence


Quantum, oracular transmissions that flow igniting your Golden Crown of Worlds, the Elven Star Solar Crown of the Sovereign Creator 7D Morningstar Radiance, of the Blueprint Creator, the One who Dreams the Light itself, the Colours of Existence into Being.


Stay attuned to your own Quantum, Oracular Power, completely free and sovereign to Create, accessing the Far, Angelic, Inter-Dimensional records of your Celestial Hologram of Self, so that your life becomes a rising graceful Golden Temple of the Dawn


Are you called to create something truly beautiful?


We work especially with Foundation and Legacy Codes in the next 7 Moons


Build your Lothlorien, your Rivendell and Star-Fire Palace, Your Orïelle Golden Earth, Galadriel/Gandalf/Arwen Avatar Presence....


You are so welcome to join now and be part of a Beyond Beautiful Community of Immortal Starlight!


This is a beyond potent moment to join this Ascension Voyage!


With Infinite, Elfin Love





Ps If you are wondering what the Elven Aurora Portal is….. find out more here!


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