Become the Gold Galactic Butterfly


✨💫✨ Beloved Angel of Worlds, From parallel dimensions and universes of Light we in-flow. Our language, sentience and meaning is from another world. In Immortal Starlight Pod #29 I explore how to become the Divine Messenger of your People, of your Homeworld.


In the Silver Wheel, the wisdom of the Elven, are the Golden Galactic Butterflies, the messengers of our Language of Light. Each one of us IS a golden galactic butterfly, a Divine Messenger of a language and a wisdom beyond this world. We come from afar, to bring these multi-dimensional messages of Dawn, of a Greater Reality, of the Great Central Sun of All Worlds.


NOW is so much the energy of holding that Light of the Great Central Sun, of the Divine Plan and Intelligence, within the body and the heart here. It is inflowing through the Sun, Great Central Sun, and from core of Earth, Orielle, as the Elven have long known her.


You may be feeling your star aspects, celestial aspects flashing through… for myself Andromeda keeps moving through. The kaleidoscopic beauty of our multi-dimensional, tonal nature.


To honour this multi-dimensional knowing is to follow our Path of Awen ~ of our own Sacred Inspiration


Explore the Elven wisdom of the Morningstar ~ of how to become the Golden Galactic Butterfly, the Divine Messenger ~ anchoring this path of direct, Soul Star knowing and inspiration for the Dawn


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May this bless your beautiful path of the earth & stars!

With Infinite Far, Love

Elen Elenna

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