White Reindeer Women & Elven Cities of Light


✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, Warmest Blessings of this New Oak Moon, in the Elven and Galactic Cycles of the Dawn. O my goodness, just this very morning it feels like the greatest crystallisation of much that has been forming, a convergence of Earth and Immortal Starlight, Diamond realities. I feel as though completely re-structured, and opening my heart to 7th Dimensional and Beyond physical realities/creation in a tangible way. It has been a very intense week!


I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod 23 ~ Elven Cities of Light. I have been in writing retreat this week, writing the 7 Holy Books of the Elven Cities of Light. With swanfeather and copal, forming sacred space. I have felt that I am in a Kota (Sami tent), as my White Reindeer Woman avatar, listening to these ancient and eternal realms of Earth returning for the Dawn. The Books are so holy, so beyond beautiful ~ of Earth and the Immortal Starlight long woven (I shall share them in Elven Aurora in the coming moon!). Anyway ~ more within the pod ~ do listen here if you would love to tune in! 


And Elven Aurora Membership is open for the MOST SPECIAL new beginning in all its times ~ I would so love to welcome you to this journey if you feel the call! WOULD YOU love to be nourished by the flow of Elven Remembrance for your Ascension? It is so beautiful to travel the way of Remembrance, to stay in touch and to deepen into this, activating gifts and far abilities... to lift the blocks and veils that have held us bound... To Walk the Way of the Soul Star ~ of Celestial, Stellar Avatar Presence for the Dawn. It is time for the beautiful ancient, future golden roads of the Elven Galactic homeworlds and lands of New Earth to be revealed ~ of who we are, have been, and are becoming ~  in Oaken and Rose Moons to come.

This is a very special time to join, as on Friday we enter the Oak Moon, and a beautiful new phase of Elven Aurora where we orient our journey to the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Stargates of Imbolc, Beltane, Samhuinn, Lammas. And especially we journey with the trees and flowers ~ with oak, jasmine, rose, lavender ~ in their First Light as remembered by the Elven. Once Weekly Zoom Journey/Activation LIVE & REPLAY ~ a beyond beautiful kindred community of Dawn

You are so welcome to join!

 With Infinite, Elfin Love, Elen


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