What is the Song of Discord?

✨💫✨ Beloved Angel, 


In Immortal Star Pod Episode #9 I explore the nature of the Song of Discord ~ the beautiful and strange time we reside in, with one ‘music’ of creation phasing out, and another one arriving. Of how to track which song you are in, at the most subtle levels, how to distinuigsh the subtle layers of ancient inversions that can overlay our purest gift and I AM song/light/Self for the Dawn, and remain/become profoundly True.


The old power structures, overlays in existence and predominance especially since the time of Atlantis, are founded in this primordial separation and song of Discord. Powerful inversions that hold a certain hierarchical power structure, order and flow of energy that are now collapsing.


Bring the Light of the Great Central Sun, the Radiance of your Homeworld to illuminate and recode an area of your life affected by these. When we feel crushed, controlled, corralled, sent back, imprisoned by implacable forces that feel amorphous and unassailable, it is time to Light the Lamp of the Great Central Sun, I Am Decree and Command of Stargate Homeward radiance within this part of our hologram.


Now we free all such hierarchical power structures as we illuminate with the energy of Divine and Immortal Freedom, Free Flows of Energy, Quantum Design, 7th Dimensional and Beyond Earth


Light this Lamp, place this flaming Star Lamp at the Heart of any such Situation. Anything that feels you are limited by forces beyond your control. Where you meet that inversion or interference ~ diversion from I AM radiance.


We have made some old agreement with this ~ there is a reason somewhere in our ancient timeline where we take this on.


The Star Lamp reveals, illuminates now, the earliest moment of this arrival.


For the Elven ~ there is the remembrance of being pushed back, out of this material world and existence towards the end of Atlantis, etherealised ~ a fading and diminishing from physically coded existence. We became one of the races who would become unknown, mythical, part of a dream.  


With the Solar Star Lamp of the Great Angelical Concordance of Worlds, there is the Illumination, Triumph and Override ~ the dissolution of these old sequencings, inversions and juxtapositions that ordered physical existence on this plane. 


May this Pod bring infinite illumination and liberation ~ activating your own power and deepest comprehension of the metaphysical dynamics that underlie the Shift we are within


With Infinite, Starlight Love



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