Learning to Receive Love

Diamond Moon, 28th March 2021


With this full moon, this diamond full moon, I see a golden stargate, flecked with violet and azure orbs, a rich gold, that has a new level of realisation, a solidified reality, a physicalised reality delivering itself through the heart. It wishes to arrive, and it is a surrender into Love. Love as realised codes arriving. This reality is asking to be accepted. Can you accept the Love, that is present, or do you push it away?


There can be sudden and unexpected reflexes, when we push Love away due to pain within us. The very reality we long for, we reject when it comes near.


It feels too much to take it in, we can not accept it.


We are inured to long wait, long struggle, we do not believe ourselves worthy.


This physicalised golden realty would deliver itself through this Full Moon Stargate. This means opening the moon of your heart. The lunar aspect of your heart is the receiving part, and its wounds make it push away that which it longs for, refusing the reality it has dreamt.


Is your physical heart ready to evolve, become resonant with the frequencies and the codes of this new reality?


For Sun and Moon to unite within


At the time of the Full Moon, the moon accepts the Sun’s Light completely, opens to it, reflects it back without holding any of her perimeter back.


Are you prepared to allow the Golden Source reality back into your existence, to allow it to become through you?


This Golden, physicalised reality shall alter everything, it is the golden robe of your Divine Cladding, that continues and continues throughout this year. 


There is the new golden reality, and then there is the white silver of your receiving soul, the one of endless depths and mystery. As the new golden source reality arrives to this, any sense of lack of worth, any belief held therein that does not calibrate with the new/timeless codes of Immortal Starlight will come to the fore.


You may feel when this happens that Love, the Light, makes you depressed, feel stimulated into despair, go into struggle. These are the wounds in the soul around receiving the Light, the Divine celestial template.


Let yourself feel this pain, let it flow, let your sorrow flow in the golden realm, open your heart.


In feeling there is movement


This is how the block, the barricade releases


At the time of the Full Moon we can feel very pressured if we are unable to open this receiving aspect, to the Great Light that would manifest through us


Instead we block and push it back, and feel the sorrow, the despair of this.


It is a time to release this block that dwells within our old pain


Much like when a lover we have longed for from afar, loved from a distance, suddenly comes close, and we are overwhelmed, we push them away, we cannot allow the reality of this


But it is time, you do not have to re-activate the old karma of distance from the Beloved ~ the Beloved that is the Star of your own Reality, your own Soul. For it is time, you are releasing the old reality, you are completing with it now. Do not use its after-echo with which to barricade your heart.


Let the echoes sound, let them reverberate. For in sound, in feeling, there is movement.


Let yourself feel, let it move.


Sometimes sorrow is the sign of Love, Love’s presence.


Let the new golden Light, touch to you, bear and carry to you the white silver codes of your receiving, immortal Starlight essence.


The one who knows how to receive as well as to give love


Let the new golden reality be borne within


Gifted into the white silver light


The orbs of violet, of azure, of emerald flashing within, globes unravelling the beautiful frequencies of a New World


By the Light of the Full Diamond Moon,


With the Love of the Everlasting Starlight

Elen Elenna



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