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Elven New Year of Angels 2023


Beloved Angel,

Blessings of the New Year 2023 ~


Be swift and fell and powerful ~ there is a Handing Over this Year of the Keys of Power ~ as we activate the Angelic Timeline and step into our Power. A Year of Angels, the Elven are calling this!


It is a time to be vigilant to distraction, resistance of course being great to such a handover! The key is to know yourself and be vigilant to your own psyche, to be strong in your Soul Star, so that distraction holds little sway!


Golden Lattices are inflowing, golden oaks and azure waters, the Immortal Starlight gems of Infinite Inheritance are restoring and returning.


You may feel slow to acclimate to the timeline, for its parallel and vast potentialities exist beyond current belief systems (thought pattens).


Choice points constellate and collapse, as the old beliefs and energies go through their final appearance ~ appearing for a moment as they rise, chimeric, and release. 


Disappearing, to reveal a new and Diamond Golden reality, woven of Great Aeons, flowering here and now. Fully realised, for such the preparation has been.


We become the first to choose.


Do you see your beautiful Dimension inflowing, delivering treasures and vast inheritance. 


The diadems and crowns, jewels and chalices of inter-stellar gold, gem-like elixirs of star waters


It is the Moon of Gantharel ~ Elven Golden City of Light


Beloved and precious the wisdom of Gantharel. Golden, wise, far beyond the golden forests.


A great tawny eyed Griffin greets me in the golden leaved cloud forests of Gantharel


Drifting golden leaves


I feel I have come from, known, this City of Light many a time


I have been here, before and before and before


The Griffin supports us, swift and fell and powerful, in this Year of Angels


Wisdom of Griffin ‘When shame shakes your heart and you want to shut down, run away and hide, because it is too sore, too painful. Take a breath. Remain. Express your vulnerability. Ask your Heart softly, powerfully, bravely to stay open. To feel. You might feel the strangeness, the awkwardness. Brave the strangeness, the awkwardness. Stay there in the oddness. Feel the awkwardness. Let things get weird. Discover what lives in the weirdness, in the beauty of such strange, wild moments.’


Take a moment to Receive the inflowing, descending spiral of Diamond Golden lattice, of your Full Inheritance. Breathe and receive. If it takes a moment, a pause in the beginning of your Year to truly breathe this in, all is well. For it is Great Things that are Beginning


With Infinite, Elfin Love





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Pps New Elven Podcast on its way Friday, already its beautiful light codes building, sharing Elven Keys for the Year to Come. I so look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

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