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Would you love to begin March 2023?


Beloved Star, Would you love to move into the silence and deep mystic listening to your Book of Starlight ~ the otherworldly wisdom of the stars and of the earth that is within you.


Into the mystic halls of the Temple of the Morningstar, the Elven Golden Spires of a realm where the white leaves of the Tree of Peace drift down, you find the glowing language of Light of your Starlight Codex of the Dawn.


A longing that dwells far within, it is time to transcribe this wisdom.


It may at times glow within you, as bright as the sun of a thousand worlds, and at others vanish, and you find yourself in a world where it does not exist.


You may have filled spiralling pages of journals with this Language of Light, or you may have held it far within, and never put pen to paper. Its wisdom may be vivid and known to you, only lacking its final and crystalline form in order to be gifted, or it may simply be a calling that resonates in your heart, as yet beyond words.


And perhaps, a little of all of this.


Most of all, perhaps, you wonder if you CAN bring this otherworldly wisdom into this world, and truly write it down


To find and write the true golden butterflies of this knowing, this inspiration, this remembrance


Truly, you CAN.


Let us walk this beautiful voyage together side by side, coming to the realm where all stills into the mystic listening and writing of this Book of Starlight.


A voyage beyond worlds, for the Dawn


With Infinite, Elfin Love, 

Elen Elenna

In this 5 Month Elven Writing Program




Access the blueprint of your Book of Starlight 

No longer elusive ~discovering its own beautiful way of being written, of coming into being

For all is within its pages

Even the way of its transcription

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 You are not a fading starlight One, vanishing from this world, disappearing, carrying your wisdom with you

That time has been and gone

When we sailed into the West, and the many records of wisdom were hidden in other-dimensions

This is the time of Return

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Honing your subtle sentience to this deep listening

The golden butterflies of your own wisdom and remembrance

Settling to you


There is peace in vanishing, in remaining hidden

Yet in truth, if you are to be at peace at this time of Dawn, as fully and deeply as you long to be ~ you are called 

 to give the gift of wisdom that only you hold

Travel in your canoe to the far realms of remembrance, accessing the far, ancient, future and timeless record that you hold

Bring this record back to this world

From realms beyond, returning now

Lift the veils of forgetfulness ~ for truly, by the Light of the Dawn, it is possible to remember as never before

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Would you love to connect to your Starlight Book of the Dawn ~ to see and feel more deeply its glowing wisdom, its language of Light, to discover what it holds & how to connect to it more fully?  

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Read the golden sigils of your beautiful book, written in a language beyond this world.

Learn how to translate this other-dimensional language into the language of this world


It is time to gift to this world the wisdom you hold as an Elder, Ascended, Angelic Soul

 Day by Day, to transcribe this

ANCHORING a daily writing practice


You are an ancient, angelic Soul here for the ascension of earth, and you hold wisdom for the Dawn.

Walk into this world, bearing the codex this full wisdom record

Hold in your hands the full Record


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Learn how to ALWAYS access the other-dimensional flow of YOUR TRUE REMEMBRANCE

Whether this record is destined for publication, as the foundation of your teaching/wayshower role for the New Dawn, or as an infinitely beautiful adventure of remembrance, record keeping and self-knowledge (And this in itself, the most infinite Joy)

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As you write the pages of your Book of Starlight, so you write your own destiny, your own future

And the Immortal Starlight Age of Peace that is dawning.

You write yourself into existence, and from its pages, walk forth as the one who you are

Hold your Book of Starlight in your hands 

Commit to this accomplishment ~ the intense joy, peace & fulfilment

Of a record that holds the power to alter timelines, dimensions, realms

And learn to share this wisdom with THOSE DESTINED TO RECEIVE IT



It is time for the Elven Golden Books to be written, it is written in the stars that this should be so.

Deep within, you know whether it is time, whether this destiny calls to you

With the deep and far love of all that you are


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Elven Supernova Writing Program

Beginning March 2023

Small Group Program

5 Month Program Includes


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1-1 Elven Activation Calls with Elen

Ongoing 1-1 support throughout the program, as Elen channels individual Elven guidance, vision & activation for your book

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Elven Writing Masterclass Materials Weekly

Elven Writing Masterclass arrives to you on a weekly basis. Access your Book with the keys of the Elven & Star Way of Creation

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Elven Supernova Group Q&A Call Weekly

Every week there is an Elven Supernova Live Q&A Group  Zoom call, bringing you ongoing individual guidance, support & visioning

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Elven Supernova Online Hub

You have access to a beautiful, organised, private online Elven Supernova Program, with a group space for sharing of writings & your journey

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Join the Waiting List for March 2023 if you would love to write your Book of Starlight upon the Elven Supernova Writing Program

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Testimonials of Elven Supernova Travellers


"I am embodying aspects of myself I could only dream of, writing words which come from a deep source within and embracing fully the purpose I came here for.  Elen holds a strong, safe and magical container, guiding us gently and with grace to find clarity and ignite the higher soul frequencies we hold.  Could I have done this by myself….maybe, but with Elen’s guidance it is a certainty, a truly magical gift.

An experience not to be missed!”

~ Saira Salmon


life changing, deepening voyage into your own core. Unveiling, leading you to your own starlight beginning, reconnecting to source.”

~ Charlotte Willekens


"I love this Supernova program!

A life changing Epic experience.. the weaving of sacred creation tools, other Supernovas and the constant support of Elen as Mentor made this journey so incredibly rich and rewarding. 

Elen as a writing mentor is phenomenal. She’s indeed a Master in her creative element with Supernova. She’s lived it, knows the terrain intimately. As one who has been through it all she can speak to the doubts, the detours and how to successfully navigate your way through. Her mix of spaciousness and attention to Everything is profoundly supportive. Each participant receiving exactly what was needed at every step, always purely delivered. No overlay, no judgment. Compassionate and infinitely encouraging. A beautiful 'Elven - Fairy Godmother' who grants your unique soul wish ~ not by waving her powerful magic wand but by revealing the cosmic coordinates for where you left your own magic wand, aeons ago. She encourages you to remember your soul’s Way of creation magic, unique and just right for you. To create in total alignment with your soul's unique Vision, Path and Love. 

Supernova is not only about writing your book, (although that’s A-mazing!) there is sooo much else! Through this writing program the Book and I both underwent incredible transformation and Emergence.

From that first Masterclass and what was brought through... I knew my investment in self would pay off a trillion-fold. I am not the same Being that began this.

If you want to change your life, your very existence on every dimensional level and forever altering your experience here of being human, in a few months… and oh, yeah, at the same time write your book.. Supernova program delivers all that.. Seriously! 

It’s like Cosmic Creation 101 ~ the user manual for being a magical human creative that we never knew existed!

Great Blessings await you!”


~ Molly Benot


“The Supernova Journey is a magnificent, mystical and magical voyage of sublime magnitude. Through the calm and clear steerage and seership of Elen we are taken in our Celestial Canoes to the Outer Realms of our Universe, removing any blocks and seals of forgetfulness along the way, while remaining deeply rooted in our life here on Earth. 

I am amazed as we truly go Supernova; we explode and expand in ways beyond our expectation and imagination. And along the way I am gaining more and more trust in my visions and writings.  I am so grateful to have listened to the Call, to have embarked on this magical Journey with Elen. It is a trip of a Lifetime!”

~ Kiki van der Heiden

Join the Waiting List

Join the Waiting List for March 2023 if you would love to write your Book of Starlight upon the Elven Supernova Writing Program

You shall be the first to know when registration opens!