Lilac Starfire of Ascension

Beloved Star of Dawn,


Fire lilac of the ancient and far citadels arising, as the new palest gold of immortal starlight frequencies flowed through in the sunlight, through the Ostara 21.3.21 ~ Easter 4.4.21 Stargate 


New realms of the Immortal Starlight Earth are appearing, those to which we are Gatekeeper, and there is a pause following the stargate, as the beam of the new sun travels far, and farther than before, awakening myriad Starlight Temples with flashes of gold light, lifting the veils of density and altering the field of possibility, shifting the parameters of that which we create/dream in a process of unveiling


Lilac domains, archways, azure waterfalls of crystalline existence


And the old weight of rock, the old inertia of the sleeping ones, the long dormancy and slumber, lifting still further


The weight is felt, the suspension, the pause and pull of the stillness, the question of whether to go forward, of whether such density can lift.


We may wonder, even as the far lilac, lunar codes become more luminous, more visible within, dancing with the gold of the new sunfire, even as the Starlight Temples we have long dreamt and been destined to restore ~ as Gatekeepers, as Guardians ~ even as we remember them


We may wonder; can this dream crystallise, what form shall it take for my world, what shift, what becoming?


We may pause as with the awakening, old records are stirred into awareness. The old weight of impossibility, the imposition of an order, a density, that has long held dominion


For as we awaken, as we remember, so these layers lift, are seen/felt, shift


And we keep breathing in the stillness, in the pause, as the gold of the sunfire travels through, and through


This is now a time to tend to the sacred domain, that is revealed/revealing itself. For your body, breath, heart to allow the crystallisation. Do not mistake the pause for a diminishment, a falling away, a restoration of the old impossibility/restraint of bandwidth/reality


Breathe, and allow this new/ancient/timeless realm to be revealed


You have opened the Golden Doorway


You are restoring as a Gatekeeper


Now allow the golden, silver, lilac bridges


Of the way into a New Earth


It’s physicalisation to form, forge, manifest as the path beneath your feet


And when you are ready, you shall walk this trail, as pathfinder, as way shower into the New World, for the time that is to come


Walking the next level of the gold, lilac starfire Reality


Grounding its magnificence, its citadels


For so the layers, the epochs of the Dawn take place


Many small choices are arriving, many layers of luminance building through them. We are creating through all the silver, gold, shining threads that are travelling through our hands. The arrival is multi-layered, visible and invisible, non-linear. Swanfeather by swanfeather, so we return


With Infinite, Shining Love


Elen Elenna 


A cornucopia of Elven Starlight ASCENSION offerings! Following Ostara at the Spring Equinox, and the Easter weekend, we have travelled a great Stargate whose gifts and light codes are now integrating. I share below the link for the Ostara Elven Stargate 21.3.21 REPLAY. This is a ceremony of accessing the ascended codes of the Elemental Temples of Light, and upgrading the realms of fire, earth, air and water within, so that we go forward with stable foundations in this new wave of Solar Source Light codes. This is a truly powerful ceremony. Watch/Listen here


And so also Elven pod #9, a video/Mp3 transmission, the first Elven pod filmed from the woods and marshes of Avalon, under the great Oak that has brought so much starlight remembrance and teachings. And a surprise movie star appears...! The question that arose for this pod was 'Can the starlight remembrance bring real transformation?' Watch/Listen here


And so also this day I close the Sapphire Portal into the Elven Starlight ASCENSION Online Journey, in a few hours ~ so if you feel the call, and know that this is your time of starlight creation, to delve deeper into your ascension and remembrance, do Sign up here


Beautiful Artwork by Susan Seddon Boulet


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