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White Phoenix VIDEO PODCAST! ✨

✨💫✨Beloved Star of Worlds, What are you changing into? Such Power there is for the Creation of the New Self, Crystalline layer upon layer arriving to us, as of leaves and blossoms of Avatar Self.


As well as delicate, deepest layers of lifting and de-veiling the from the old. The Earth longs for you to become the Full Miracle of your True Presence, your True Dream ~ there is SO MUCH support for your arrival. Beautiful moccasin footsteps of your crystalline-earth-soul Far Self of Dawn. Whatever you have loved, held back, held in the wings, held in the far realms of your heart, let it come forward now!


I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod #22 ~ White Phoenix


The White Phoenix is the most incredibly powerful and beautiful guide to support us through this tidal wave of delicately layered and vast transfiguration we are experiencing! I share more about the energies of our transfiguration in this Now moment, and how the White Phoenix, an Immortal Bird beyond this world, who builds its nest, its pyre of sacred fragrant boughs and resins, before burning to ashes and being reborn, can be our guide in this. 


There are mysteries of transfiguration, of alchemy contained within this beautiful tale ~ emblematic of our Ascension and return


And especially of the powerful delicate layers of this now moment, so infused with creation and release ~ with a vastly powerful transfiguration


Beautiful Elven Light Language transmission at the end!


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