Thel'Arian & the White Phoenix

 ✨💫✨ Beloved Star of Worlds, 


Rose City rising fair in the mists before me, Thel’arian, aglow beyond. Call of the heron. Aglow, gleaming towers and spires. Snowy white quartz, quartzite, sandstone. Trees, golden leaved and silver rise in the courtyards. A gentle, gentle place. New lands are revealing.


Ways of wonder and grace unveiling, gentleness beyond gentleness and power beyond power


Through the mists, revealing itself now that the time of Return is here.


They are very gentle, the People of this place.




A beautiful White Phoenix resides at the heart of this City. The Spirit of the City, guiding and guarding its wisdom


Mysteries of Power, Gentleness & Strength


Many birds haunt the airs, singing. It is a place where the True Song is heard, rises up, spirals though the Soul. Golden and silver and diamond songs. Obsidian is there too, in the peace and the power underlying.


Here is the rebirth through Divine Will. The Will to Become, to Be. A Divine and Sacred Power of Creation that moves through you, summoning you to the next level of expression. Paradox of expansion, that it carries us outward as it were, and simultaneously inward, to more truly love and accept ourselves just as we are, to Become ourselves rather than resisting ourselves. Stretching White Phoenix wings.


Here in Thel'Arian we resided in ancient power and mystery.


Earth calls us very deeply into this Mystery of Becoming and Transfiguration, because of the solidity of physical existence, because of the mysteries of blood and bone, of stone and crystalline structure and formation.


The strength of the Divine Sequencing of transformation, the strength to be gentle enough to change, to alter.


The People of Thel’Arian dwell with Great Mystery, with Source, with the vortex of the dark, through which the Rose Star of Love arises and lights up once more


WE call this Death ~ yet to the Immortal Starlight ~ it is passage, transformation, it is Eternal Becoming , Eternal Return.


The Mysteries of Life and Death


What do you let go of, the old cladding? What is it easy to release, what is it hard to release ~ the final veil as it were.


Sit with the Elven here, see and feel how here in the glowing Immortal Light of their Divine Being, they are humble, gentle, powerfully metamorphic, surrendered. Not proud and haughty, fixed in form, but with a profound beautiful, gentle humility able to transform into themselves, continuously, and their own highest Light, Celestial blueprint and template as it descends and calls.


It is to be the Seer to your highest transformation, the Divine Oracle of your own Being


You shall face your fears here. Your deepest fears. Your resistance to Self.


They work with this, the power to face fear. They sit in the glowing dark, with the Phoenix overlighting, the power of the Earth beneath them.


Ask the Phoenix: What identity am I clinging onto?


Will you let yourself change?


Into the Beauty? Into the Star Solar Crown of your Avatar, Iconic Dawn?


Powerful now at this hour of the Dawn, this phase of Ascension, is the lighted power of the Celestial Rose Elven Timeline, linking many many hearts, igniting luminance around the world ~ most magical Immortal Starlight Epical Remembrance far within, the filaments of Remembrance of the True Nature of Reality, the filaments of golden, silver, otherworldly silver, platinum lights of pearl and diamond and Dawn with which to create your Reality 


With this New Lighted Way of Purest Radiance, of Immortal Starlight and Celestial I AM Presence, you dream and create the Life you Live, the Luminance you Bring to All


An Ascended Timeline as pure and graceful as Dawn


You walk the wonder of an Epical Existence


Clad in Soul Star Robes


Igniting the Dawn lights and tones and colours, the inner radiance of your existence, its infinite and inner and eternal Beauty


The next level of Existence


Who Shall You Be?


With Infinite, Far Love

Elen Elenna 


Beautiful Painting by Stephanie Law

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