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Temple of the Sunstar

Beloved Star of Dawn, Infinite Blessings and Love as the Solstice Stargate 21.12.22 draws near


From our many realms and worlds we come together, approaching now the Temple of the Sunstar


Avenues of white-stemmed trees leading from the many directions


A diadem of sunstone and moonstone at your brow, a long shining white cloak at your back


The Eternal Flame at the centre, a white-golden fire


Many come in their star canoes and light this Eternal Flame: a thousand suns, a thousand stars gathering. The Immortal Starlight of other universes, of many worlds


The gold-white crystal pods of Angelic DNA stored deep within our bodies ~ these are being activated for a Seventh Great Crystal Age of Peace on earth


These are the codes of return, of remembrance that enable the soul to embody its True Nature here


As we call these in, memories and gifts are activated ~ memories of having embodied in this way on earth before ~ these are the memories of the Shining Ones, the People of the Stars who came long ago. These memories are held within every elemental particle of earth.


They flow to us upon the white-gold photonic light bridge, descending into physical creation. 


Deep starry galactic codes and spaciousness ~ star aspects that exists beyond time and space as we know it here ~ star DNA from the future


Upgrading and advancement of the original Angelic DNA


To new levels of Illumination


May your Solstice Stargate of the morrow be infinitely beautiful


In Honour and Far Love

Elen Elenna




Beautiful Artwork ‘Earwen’ by Elena Kukonova




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