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Episode #58 ~ Discovering the true appearance of your Aura

Beloved Star,  

This week I share a mini-pod on how to discover the true appearance of your Aura.  

The Elven have such a beautiful and unique understanding of our aura and light body for the Dawn.  

I am going through a deep auric re-calibration ~ more than that ~ an overhaul and re-design it feels!  

I find that this Elven viewpoint profoundly assists with understanding the grace of what is taking place, in a way that lends wings to the intensity of the process.  

May this bring such blessings to you this week also!  

With Infinite, Elfin Love


Ps I mention the work of Prune Harris in the pod, if you would love to follow this up ~ she’s on Instagram ~ ~ she’s a beautiful presence!  

Pps And if you would love to join Elven Aurora Portal to receive the auric healing and recalibration of the Star Magnolia Moon, you are so profoundly welcome to join us here!  


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