Sensitivity & Angelic Aura


The Tenth Teaching speaks of a wisdom beyond judgements of good and evil that arises spontaneously as an aspect of the New Earth. It is time for us to fly on the silver wings of this non-dualistic wisdom. We have won once again our unique and angelic perspective, we are free to walk within the illumination of our angelic auras.


These are our wings, this vast field of inter-connected awareness. It is a radical sensitivity, heightened and powerful. We do not have to dim our awareness in order be free of judgements. In fact, the more heightened and clear our sensitivity becomes, the more easily we can see the impersonal nature of phenomena, and the less likely we are to get caught into subjective, emotional reactions.


We remember being thus illuminated in our Atlantean lifetimes. We remember this radiance, this clarity. It is an angelic and impersonal clarity that is also compassionate and warm. We stand in a field of vast purity, through which perceptions travel. We see energies, we feel clearly the presence of that which is near us. Our psychic capacities are heightened: clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy. We do not rely on our physical senses alone; we rely instead on a synaesthetic dance of perception that includes our extraordinary faculties. We are engaging with the full range of our faculties, it is as though we are finally operating at our full capacity, restored to full working order. This is the light technology of ourselves, of our own human vehicles, becoming all that they are designed to be. This light technology, the radical sensitivity and wisdom of our angelic auras, is natural. It is being activated by the present cosmic conditions. We can participate in this, if we so choose. In recent lifetimes, we have been trained to derive information concerning the nature of reality from external sources, we have been trained not to trust our own sensitivity, and always to seek the external validation of spiritual or secular authorities. We experience a kind of inversion, whereby information – truth – comes from the outside, not the inside. This is an inversion, because truth can only actually be experienced from the inside, using the antennae of the angelic aura that is designed for this purpose. It is from this perspective that we can receive accurate information about our environment, moment to moment, as it unfolds. From this perspective, we can make appropriate responses. This is how we attune ourselves to the shared field of angelic intention, entering into a community of purpose, guided by the Light.


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna



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