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Elven Temple of Hathor-Isis


The Moon Temple of the Elven of moon star glow, patterns wrought carved in the pillars of the trees of another world. Celestial Moon Temple, blossoms. And I sit at the heart of it, preparing myself to receive.  And Arianrhod comes, brow to brow, a crescent moon diadem at her brow. Offering to me the Sapphire Flower. I take this with reverence, for I know the immensity and longing that is beyond and behind this moment of restoration. My heart pounds. I carry it to my heart, and feel the energy enter within. For a moment I see nothing. 


And then… pillars of the Elven Temple of Hathor-Isis in Dendera. I am climbing them, high up, and carving hieroglyphs. They are hieroglyphs telling the initiatory tale of the return of the Elven, of the Peoples of Peace who have been before, of their mighty wisdom flows held in the star of Venus, and in Sirius, the tales of the Star People and the Origin of Earth.


The great floor is pattered with the Rose Star of Love, of Venus. It tells of the starships departing at the end of the last Great Age. Its geometry shows how we encode and maintain vibrational continuum with the Immortal Starlight of Love in a denser era.


Hathor is the Venusian Consciousness that with benevolence holds this star of Venus access, the remembrance.


And Isis-Sothis, the Morningstar of Sirius, reveals how the star peoples shall come together again.


And the star forests of Andromeda stretch outward from the Temple, white inter-dimensional star forests. The pillars open the way, hold the portals of Rose Light, force-fields of inter-dimensional radiance woven with the Sapphire Light codes of Isis. Through these gateways so too you can enter the Elven Libraries of Venus, and access the codices.


And so too, with rose and sapphire and golden light entwined, the White Starlight Ways of Corona Borealis, the People of Peace, of the Morningstar. The Way of Sacred Creation. The remembrance that each one of us is a Consciousness, a Spiritual Being, with the power to create a reality with their dreaming/consciousness/mind/attention. Returning us to this Dreaming Light of the Morningstar. Of First Light, the Elder Light of the Soul, from which all begins and arises.


It was a nexus point, a continuum with the Elven Prayer, Sapphire, the Sapphire Star forests, realms of ascended grace and peace. We held this here. It was a continuum with Lemuria, and the Great Ages that came before. We did not forget, we had not forgotten. Immortal Starlight reigned, and flowed outward from here. Inter-dimensional beings of Andromeda and Venus stepped back and forth especially, and there was a transit point through Sirius. And so too the far worlds of Telynaharion, and Efalianon Efalon. All of this flowed vastly through. It shone, and shone, a temple through worlds.


May the Temples of our inter-dimensional mastery and remembrance shine once more upon the earth


In Honour and Infinite Love

Elen Elenna




Beautiful Artwork of Hathor: Artist Unknown

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