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Elven Dan'Arian

✨💫✨ Beloved Star of Worlds, 


Blessings of 12.12.22


Dan’Arian rises, silvery, Elven, rose and violet trees, the silver and golden leaves. Filaments of a City of Light through forest and mountain, the silvery grove with its citadels, its dwellings rising under the light of the sun, moon and stars once more, spires rising into the skies.


There is a Great Elven Silver Mirror of Dan’Arian, that reflects the True Self. To gaze into the mirror, is to see the Self


I sit before the mirror cross-legged. The star-seeded Elven of Dan’Arian all around. So many stepping through stellar and galactic Stargates, in a Great Return as the City re-activates. Coming through from Inner Earth. Star-seeded Elven, wise of the stars of Far Ages of Immortal Starlight. Creators of Long Ages of Earth, Ages of Archangelic Creation.


I gaze into the mirror, and I see those deep eyes, Ancient Angel Eyes, gazing back into mine. That Far Star-Seeded Elven of the Great Central Sun, Angel of Worlds. 


Each one of us, in total devotion, here to shine as a Sun, a Spiritual Sun, through worlds, this Infinite Golden Light.


Gaze into the Mirror, Beloved Star, what do you see?


Open your heart to the full miracle of who you are, let the Far Beauty in


You are called here, by all the worlds



In Honour & Far Love


Elen Elenna



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