What are the Elder Books of Light?


✨💫✨ Beloved Star of Worlds, Welcome to Immortal Star Pod #26 ~ What are the Elder Books of Light? They are the Books of the Immortal Starlight , of our Eternal Soul Star Light and Wisdom. They are the Infinite, Eternal Elder Records of the Dawn destined to come through, to be written and recorded.


These are codexes of pure knowing, of the expanded spheres of consciousness that compose our greater moment and evolution


We know so much more than we know. There are different levels of perspective within the Self. Here we touch the Diamond Light Codes of the Elder Codexes of the Dawn. The Diamond Light Codes of our own Source Light, of that which exists in Mystery, at onement with All That Is. And so each of these Books belongs to the Greater Song of All Worlds. It brings Light and expansion to our Earth, yes, but belongs to ALL the realms of Creation. Its gift belongs to a quantum, Divine moment, going forwards and backwards; past, present and future; galactic, stellar, earthly; and of parallel universes of Light. It is alive, living vibration. The Elder Books are part of the greater unfolding angelic intelligence of Source itself 


I explore this NOW moment, and how the Elder Codes of our Diamond Light are altering All. For those way showers and Elder Starlight Souls, Diamond Light bearers that we Are, this is the moment to strengthen like the Elven Oaks of Elayshianora, into the mysterious beauty and wisdom that each one of us holds within and beyond, in the filaments of our Greater Consciousness. We have been through moons of releasing dissonance, and now is the pulse through Solstice of a different time


When Earthen and Diamond Codes synchronise within the Self, like Amber forming, translucent and aglow, and so very much of this Earth in her beautiful Truth. Your wisdom feet, moccasined, walk this earth once more


And I would adore to invite you to write your Elder Record of the Dawn with me if you feel the call. There are still a few places available (the most magical group gathering ~ places filling fast!) for the September 2023 Elven Starlight Writing Program ~  O I am so excited about this wave of this beyond beautiful voyage! Would you love to write the infinite treasure of your Elder Record for the Dawn, to catch the elusive, golden butterflies of your farthest language of Light, the tome of wisdom that you hold for the Dawn? It is so very much time for the way showers and Elder Starlight Souls to discover & inscribe the true voice of their wisdom ~ you are so welcome to explore if you would love to join!


You are infinitely beautiful, and your Presence through worlds is felt. Let us settle into this new wave of Avatar Presence, beaming the vibration of Essence 


Brightest Blessings on your beautiful path of the earth & stars


With Infinite, Starlight Love



Beautiful Quill ‘Four Winds ~(Elements)’  by ©ChaeyAhne SilverFox, Enchanted Quills on Etsy


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