7 Great Starlight Ages

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2023

Beloved Star of Worlds,

I share here Immortal Star Pod Episode #7: 7 Great Starlight Ages

This is heart and soul one of the most central and beautiful teachings I have been gifted by the Elven, of the 7 Great Starlight Ages of Peace ~ those that have been before in the great aeons of Earth’s Creation, and the 7th Great Crystal Age of Peace into which we embark.

It explains so much of all that we travel through as we Return ~ all that is ignited and travelled through ~ the initiations of Return that flow through the spaces of our lives as we come into remembrance of so much that has been forgotten

May this bring vast blessings to you ~ supporting you to seed more deeply than ever the ancient, infinite starry roots of your true knowing and remembrance in this lifetime

With Infinite, Elfin Love

Beautiful Artwork by River Dream Park


ps A beautiful group is forming for the Elven Supernova Writing Program, beginning March 2023, If you would love to explore your Record for the Dawn, and the writing of your Golden Book of wisdom for all the worlds, do book a call with me here!


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