Sapphire & Moonstone

Beloved Star of Worlds, We are turning to the doorways that we must, there is little time but for the unique pathway beneath our feet, tawny moccasins treading the path, a mosaic of sapphire and moonstone underfoot ~ the visions that are known to you

There is some becoming that is underway, the New Solar Self of your own I Am radiance
In the ceremony that has been foretold, and used to lie before you and within you like a dream, there is now no distance, you are moving through its vanishing point, into its reality
Less and less real does the outer seem, of the reality that does not stem from the Soul ~ it is fading, fragile, and when we make our journeys there, there is the acuteness of unreality, instability. And more than anything, the impossibility of walking within the limits of a dream that we never meant to make our own
We are returning to the liquid fire of freedom, as the old control is breaking up, a pure and Immortal Starlight White Fire, soft and yet statuesque, that passes beyond the old boundaries of fear. For so long we have held one another on place. Yet there is another way. In the White Starfire of the Dawn, there is a way that is without stance and yet evocative of freedom for self and other. It is a burning away of the old power of judgement, the reactions and reverberations of control, through punishment or support. The insistence that you play a certain role and that so do I, that we are puppets or marionettes in each other's dreaming. To be so is to walk asleep, and for a moment can feel like a comfort or a breath of relief. It brings too the hollowness of a time that is done.
There is another way
This is the Way of Peace, of the Old Ones, the Shining Ones ~ the way of freedom, of the sapphire blueprint of our sovereignty that has always lain beneath.
From within, we are remembering how to dream, our own quantum starlight power. How to dissolve the old dream of self we have held, that bound us in, and how to download the Golden Celestial Dawn of Self that walks upon the ocean's sunlight towards us
What shifts to allow this? I give up the dance, or rather, I begin to dance. I take up my drum, and pound the white and golden starfire of the dawn, taking up my responsibility, my support of the starlight ones
Those who choose to unveil and walk again in their celestial and galactic light
They are everywhere, their work is deep and gifted
For so we are returning, and we return upon the starfire of our calling
Darkest sapphire of night comes, the moon, and the darkling lilac, purple, violet, ocean crashing
I simply exist, as the flame of the one who I am
And so do you
Beneath it all
There is essence
And our dream amongst the stars to return this Light
With nightfall, and the time of dreams, there is surreal and beautiful shifting, the alteration of timelines. the White Deer with the starfire at her brow guides me in the quiet listening, as subtle vibration upon subtle vibration within, the old reality dissolves
In the morning, I awake, not sure which world I walk in. Part of me seeks the old coordinates. I make coffee, put on boots, walk the shore. Sapphire, indigo waters wash in and out, at tide's edge
Then, and always it seems a miracle, the new coordinates begin to roll in. Flashes of starfire, of inspiration, of knowing a new/timeless way.
And so the ripples of a great shift move through and through, pulses of unsurpassed, never before Diamond-Solar radiance that are summoning us into the timeline we have already dreamt
I walk with you
With Infinite, Elfin Love
Elen Elenna
Ps I am dreaming of a Beltane Ceremony 1.5.21 ~ I thought not, but it seems to be arriving this day. I shall let you know!
Pps The potentiality of the Solstice Stargate 21.6.21 (Monday, 21st June) feels ENORMOUS, and the cleansing we are within as deeply linked to this. The passage always reverberates multi-dimensionally ahead of itself. There is a great potential for cleansing the blueprint to deeper levels, faster than ever, right now it feels. Huge liberation energy! And then the Golden Influx of the alignments that are crystallising so fast, forming the gateway/leap point. It feels like an incredibly worthwhile period of preparation. I walk with the White Deer to release old patterns, and with her I feel the gentle courage to gaze into anything no matter how painful/uncomfortable, to activate the subtle cellular/vibrational listening. To listen at the core, to where it generates from. Then I am able to release its coordinates into the Immortal Starlight, quantum field, and return that aspect of soul to the Light. Her White Starlight Spirit is there if you wish to call on her for this gentle and endlessly powerful courage
Painting 'Blessing Way' by R.C.Gorman

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