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Grove of Arianrhod

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

It is time for the Temple of Arianrhod to descend again to Earth, for its doorways to open wide for those who might enter, and for the Dreamers to walk again in her silver spheres. In a shower of orchid petals and ancient starlight, the Indigo Portal opens...

I must tell you the ancient ways of my people. They belong to a world that is older than Atlantis, older than the ages of flood and ice, stone and bronze. They belong to a place and a time when the stars are the Earth; all is merged in a tempest of beginnings. In this time the Elder Worlds flourish. They are the roots and the leaves of the Tree of Life.

They are the oldest and the purest ways of Earth. You cannot find a truer path of Love upon this planet than to walk these old gold leaves of Light.

O, let us start at the beginning. Let us pass through the Amethyst Gates and sit with the Elven Council to hear the blue light of their prayers for Earth.

All shall be well
and All shall be well

and All shall be well

This is a civilisation that is the soul of Earth. It is her own light, her own dream.


Once upon a time, many thousands of years ago, upon this Earth, there existed a land known as Lemuria. The Elder Ones walked this land in sapphire robes, stars at their brow, with wings that shone and vanished like the moon. Their bodies altered with forest and river, merging with rock and swan and orchid, willow and bear. They came from other worlds. They came to interweave the beauty of their worlds with the worlds of Earth. Theirs were etheric temples whose doorways were woven between petal and leaf, crystal and bark. Amongst the trees and waterfalls, they spun their temples of emerald, gold, sapphire, violet, silver, rose and copper. One such was the Temple of Arianrhod, arising sapphire from the Earth, a domain of the Elders.



The Temple of Arianrhod existed deep in the forest. It was composed of a circle of white trees, such as no longer exist upon the earth. Into this Temple, the Elders brought thirteen amethyst crystals from another world. They placed these crystals amongst the roots of the thirteen trees.

The Elders sang to the amethysts in a whispering, faraway language of their affinity with the Earth, so that their love for this realm would permeate the crystals through all time. A silver fire began to flicker and twist within the crystals, its ethereal radiance shadowing forth Thirteen Glyphs.

The trees helped them, offering the clouds of their autumn leaf-fall. The leaves fell all around the crystals, echoing the passages of earth and sky. Many autumns and winters passed, building these affinities into the Glyphs. Into them amassed the sapphire peace of those days: the moonlight, sunlight, starlight and rainfall. The Glyphs developed, their forms gradually evolving into definition. Over aeons, the flowers offered the thousand petals of their own transience, successions of windfalls building the elemental memory banks as a frame for the starlight.

One winter, with the snowfall, a white deer stepped quietly into the clearing, and laid herself down in the snow amongst the white trees. In the dawn light, the Elders gathered around her and found that her body was stiff and frozen. She had died in the night. They prayed over her body until they came to understand that which she had gifted to the Sacred Grove. They knew then that the time of completion was near.



The Glyphs were sharply outlined within the crystals, summoned by the passage of Earth’s progress, and by the prayer of the temple within the Universe. The last drop of rain and the final beam of moonlight had fallen upon the crystals, and the Glyphs were complete. The song of the Elders, of all that the Earth meant to them, had been sung into them.

That day, a violet dome hung like smoke over the Grove. It emanated from the crystals, and the trees were filled with an unearthly light. The trees were humming with a faraway song of longing for this world, for all that it might become. On their once-unmarked bark, an intricate lettering began to appear. It covered the trunks of the trees, a symbolic script that echoed the wordless chant. Finally, the trees grew quiet and, piece by piece, in long, thin rolls, a layer of bark began to peel itself away from each tree. The long strips unfurled their way to the ground and fell into the snow around the crystals. When the Elders smoothed them out, they saw that the bark had retained the gold and silver lettering. This inscription seemed to alter even as one gazed upon it. The Elders, with patient and sapphire grace, picked up the parchments as they fell. When the last roll of bark had been shed from the trees, the Elders knelt together in the centre of the Grove.

Here was laid the white deerskin that had been the gift of the deer. As the Elders knelt one by one over the deerskin, the bark unfurled itself into the leaves of singular pages, each one descending with its glowing script into place between the covers of the Deerskin Book. It was as though the white hide held a summoning spell for their wisdom. When the last page had flown into place, the Elders raised their sapphire hands in blessing over the book. The deerskin covers folded closed, encased in an ethereal radiance. In a circle around the book stood the Elders, tall and sombre. They lifted palms one to another and joined hands. That faraway song of an otherworldly love for this Earth resounded through the Temple of Arianrhod, and filled the forest beyond. Then a silence reigned.

At that moment, the Grove of Arianrhod vanished from this world. From that hour, so many thousands of years ago, to this, the temple and its Deerskin Book has not been witnessed upon this Earth. It has been stored in the seventh dimension of another world, until now, when once again it descends as a silvery gift into our skies.


Elen Elenna

Prologue to Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

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