Eternal Solar Crown of Gwenhwyfar

✨💫✨Beloved Star,


Elven wisdom has been hidden, those carrying Elven Heritage have been hidden. And it is changing right now!!!


So much hasn’t yet been shared. It is just the beginning.


Within the Elven Aurora Portal is the Avant-Garde Quest of the Soul Star and I AM Diamond Avatar Ascension. In my own Epical Quest, it is the Elven Star Solar Crown of Gwenhwyfar I AM listening for and downloading, that dances with the lights of the Sun and its Auroras, the flames and fires that come from here. Bringing the light codes and information of higher dimensional existence


And the truths of universal sovereignty, freedom and abundance


IT is the lost Elven Star Crown of Elven Existence on earth because so many have forgotten, it has almost entirely been hidden, the luminous Elven codes that run twined through us all, the paradisal and bliss codes of Valinor, of the Everlasting Stars, and the Halls of Earth that come from here, founded by the Elven.


It is a huge strand of Earth’s inheritance


IT unlocks a dream field and a WAY OF BEING that all can access ~ the Morningstar Crown of the 7D dreamer , Blueprint Creator, the Architect


When you Remember how to become once more Source, Spirit, Great Mystery, and to dance forth as the I AM Celestial Presence, Diamond and Crystalline, dreaming the innermost architectures into Being.


The Elven remember in every moment that they are creating their own reality ~ they carry the living breath of Seraphim, of Elohim, of God/Goddess within ~ of I AM Creational Presence on Earth


There is Gentleness to this path, and also Immense Power


It is the Luminous Power of I AM Celestial Existence, flowing through every domain of Life, physical, practical, abundance, relationship & Miraculous embodiment


Here is the ultimate treasure of Elven Ascension ~ it alters everything. For nearly 3 years now I have held this pathway of Liquid Light Ascension Transmissions, and it has transfigured every aspect of my existence, uplifting the hologram continuously, every lost facet migrating into this Real Diamond Light upon a magical trail of Soul Star Guidance. If you are called, then I recommend with all my heart!


With Infinite, Elfin Love

Elen Elenna



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