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Synchronising with the Golden Earth

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2021

Beloved Star of Infinite Worlds, In this the light of the Pearl Moon, the Elven and Starlight transmissions have continued, and the seven Great Starlight Ages of Creation on earth, by which Elder, Angelic, Shining consciousness has long forged this path of Immortal Starlight, of Oversoul embodiment, past and future, have downloaded into embodiment/full remembrance.


We have been through a passage of truly immense proportions, through which the completed template of Immortal Starlight presence of an intergalactic and infinite earth inflows. Through our Sun so this has been coming, since the Solstice, and received now to the heart of earth, to the heart of our lives and physical cellular structures. 


As a result, there is a phasing out of the fourth-dimensional emotional/mental constructs by which we have subtly/etherically lived breathed ~ both within the earth and within our own timeline. The bridging structures of our ascending reality are phasing out, those modes of support that existed ‘outside’ of the pure soul energy, and yet which have offered bridges and pathways of return, through which we have known/recognised/remembered ourselves. They have been like etheric traces, tracks that we felt profound emotional and spiritual resonance with, reminding us that we ourselves exist at levels beyond the known.


There has been profound emotional/conceptual attachment to these spiritual fourth-dimensional realities, as of a sanctuary long lost and found.


It changes now, as these come to seem illusionary/hollow, of an imprisoning density and circularity of consciousness, keeping us in loops, and their magnetic/gravitational fields are breaking up. This may bring emotion, a sense of sadness, instability or fragility, yet also a completion with the inherent patterns of separation that have held us locked, bound, that reside within them. There is something of the end of a spiritual era, an era of soul. It is different to the ending of the 3D constructs and their upgrades, as it is more subtle, emotional, conceptual, elusive, and internal.


Depending on our alignment, this is felt and seen in so many different ways. 


It is a golden earth, an immortal celestial earth that is returning; becoming a physical and manifest reality ~ the golden pathways of the Elven and Elder Starlight Kindred through galaxies beyond that are a part of this earth.


If you like, this physicalisation of the Immortal Starlight, of Source consciousness dissolves the mirage that existed in its place, like the after-echo or memory of the last great Age of Light.


In this our own polarities and soul stories have been embedded, as our passions, and our fears; great stories of love, hatred, loss, reunion. It is a resonant etheric and gravitational field of archetypal forces that pulls us along its trajectories until we are ready to release and let go.


Now we are gifting back the etheric and archetypal keys, the roles that we have played subtly within the field of separation. Our myth and place in the story.


Again, depending on our point of perception, this can be felt as an ending, as a loss, as a sorrow, as a world that goes forward no longer, and an inability to see what might lie beyond at a subtle and existential level, at an individual level, or as a liberation and freedom, as a setting free, at last, and a completion.


For you are being gifted with the last piece, of that which was lost in the shattered mosaic of separation, in the great fragmentation. This returns and slots into place, the light packages and orbs of return synchronised to your own soul trajectory and greater intention. That you would return and remember this vast and inter-galactic template, of an inter-galactic and infinite self, of existence as an Immortal Starlight and physicalised soul, of source incarnate.


You come home to the infinite and the finite, to the generative source and its expression in form.


This is the phsycailisation, the realisation of Soul and destiny.


There is a golden orb and light package arriving, in the sunlight. Access and key into this. It is yours.


In the archetypal story, in the myth, there is always something that is lost. Remembered, but lost. And sought for.


Now, while there is still a great process of retrieval, discovery, of creation, and a lifting of the veils of forgetfulness ~ this takes place at the level of fifth-dimensional consciousness as the return through the matrix of wholeness, through the perfection of that which you already always are.


The golden glyphs of your sacred dimension, of the Immortal Starlight realm you are here to found, to become, for a New Earth ~ these are returning to you on every wave of sunlight, starlight, moonlight.


The Return, the reunion, is taking place, and the Earth is with you in every breath, every heartbeat, as an Immortal Starlight and Celestial Soul, a great planetary realm whose sacred dimensions you are uniquely entering, with whom you have a unique agreement of creation.


I share in Elven Pod #5 and #6 the one practice suggested in the Silver Wheel, which is to drum our heart beats into resonance, into synchronisation with the earth by the light of the morning, the light of the sunrise.


So we become the new spiritual sun, the star, arriving to her celestial and starlight heart. This is the Elder Way, the Elven and Shining and Eternal way of coming to earth. It is the original pathway. To come by the golden light of your celestial heart, your true self, and ask ‘What do you wish for?’, ‘Why Am I here?’


For in the Elven and Elder way, the path of Immortal Starlight, this coming to earth is understood a direct path of return to Source, to enlightenment. It is for each one of us to uncover the unique revelation as to why we have chosen to come, and the soul agreement that exists in the higher creational spheres, that is held in your heartbeat, the way that you love. 


We are re-discovering, uncovering, as this Immortal and Inter-galactic Earth arises once more, the meaning of this life on earth


With this, there may be a great cessation in meaning, in the old intentions, hopes, longings. This can feel like despair, it can feel like release and freedom. We acknowledge perhaps the parts of ourselves that do not wish to awaken, to arrive, to move beyond dormancy, ease, forgetfulness. And yet there is no more ease within this bandwave of amnesia. We can feel the living death within this bandwave, this trajectory, this timeline.


And correspondingly, we are asked to choose and commit with some clarity to the timeline/creation/state/frequency presenting. This is the completion of the agreement, the completion into presence. It is to move from birthing the new conditions, the foundations, into creating the realm you are called here to create ~ letting it rise, defining its boundaries, its presence, that is also its echo, its limit.


It is coming in with waves of golden mist, a vast re-calibration, re-creation. By attuning our hearts to the earth, we attune to the rhythms of the New Earth, and the rhythms of our own Divine Becoming


We keep breathing, we keep listening to our heartbeats, and here the sacred dimension, the sacred realm and its golden glyphs are found, the template of creation that you hold for the New Earth


It rises in infinite beauty and peace, celestial mountains of inter-dimensional stargates, white groves of trees standing in the new golden mists


With So Much Love to my Elder Starlight Kindred all around the earth


Elen Elenna


ps On 20th March I shall hold an Elven Spring Equinox/ Ostara/ Alban Eilir Stargate, I'll send the sign up details nearer the time, save the date! And so too the portal into the Elven Starlight Journey shall open once more if you feel called to this ascension journey


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