Andromeda Elders

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Peach robed, star eyed, the Elders arrived from Andromeda so long ago, as one of the earliest alliances of Earth. For the architecture of their consciousness was able to arrive to the Celestial Spirit of Earth. Through the many stellar portals of their voyage, they were able to create an echoing corridor and proximity of dimensions, enabling many of the Star Council of Earth’s first Elders to arrive here. The Andromedan awareness is of interfused realms, of simultaneity and star creation. They feel the adjacent spheres of potential, in a consciousness that is peaceful, wise and co-creative.

They live by the pulse and tempo of the heartbeat of the Andromeda galaxy, pulsing through and making a symphonic of chords with the light tones of our own. There is a sense of cadence and rhythm, a heightened awareness of Divine destiny, order and timing, that is felt through a heart intelligence as the music of Creation. This is so innate, that the Andromedan Elders can come across as profoundly service oriented. This comes from gentleness, intelligence (depth of awareness) and joy. Their lines are inter-inter-fusing with earth once more, their consciousness merging with the potentialities here as active future timelines, that link especially to the ancient realities held in the Elder Crystals of Lemuria. They listen to the multiple tones, to one world becoming another, to realms fusing together in creation and re-creation. Theirs is a profound clairaudience and subtle sensitivity, to the emergent field of the whole, as dimensions meet and merge, as access is discovered. Surpassing gentleness, a deep and subtle attention is gifted. Their grace alters the ground. As gentle as the Deer, their pace touches to the core tone of our embodied existence. It asks where our axis rests, and if it is spun with fineness and transparency into our core identity and sense of self. For none of us is to be lost, or left at the edges of our ascension. If we dissolved all that we have come to be in this moment, in every dimension ~ even our material existence, creations, possessions and home ~ dissolved it to stardust, what would be its weight? What would that stardust look like, as it shimmered in your palm? They gaze with subtle attention to the wholeness of this ground, moving and sifting through into ever greater levels of coherence and integration of soul expression. They look to the depth and the height of all that we are, and its symphonic movement through dimensional tones, into the impossible beauty of that which has never before existed. With quiet radiance, they envision this for us, dreaming by our side. They are of elsewhere, another galaxy, and yet of oldest co-creation with earth, and of her beginnings. This paradox is of the Andromedan, Elder Star heart, of which there are many upon earth now, and being called forth, as the Elder crystals call them from dormancy, into activity. Their great dreaming has been quiet, and this their signature, so deeply merged with the blueprint of creation, with sustaining its ground and its pattern of emergence. To sing now their own strand of music, a subtle voice that is yet beyond words, and has no language other than the the one they create in the living moment, and that shall bring new worlds into being. So fine and untraceable this song, like a Deer Path, that catches edges of emergent starlight creation with extraordinary fineness, bringing with it gentler distinctions, a new field of creation in the layers of the Dawn. A voice that listens, a tone that is silent. An elsewhere that is here. A future that is oldest.

They are guardians to the Elven Peach Starflower ~ the Star of Amber. Oldest petals, opening up now. Holding the treasured record, the wisdom of lifetimes. This flower is the akashic holder, the one who holds the record of our footprints, our passage upon the earth. Like amber, preserved over long aeons, encoded in Light. To find and know the grace of balance, is recognised here. To know, in one’s heart, the cadences of spirit to matter and matter to spirit ~ the way that worlds begin and end, and begin again. To move with this rhythm, in its New Dawn frequencies and ever-altering trajectory of a music within timelessness, is to attain to this grace and balance, that is known by our ancestors and held within our own akashic record, available for switching on as a cellular inheritance.

A soft peach glow suffuses the flower ~ a peaceful, softening radiance of the ground beneath things.

How to track, how to know, to travel this true ground ~ the unmarked path, the formless way. To take up one’s ground, one’s authority as an embodied being. The power to determine the stardust ground of your existence. Not to give this away, but to trust your inner authority, to guide you on a path that is grounded and true. Do not give away any part of your existence ~ do not fear this, the ground of the ordinary, for it is yours also. And it is more precious than you realise. To know that your Spirit, your heart is able to track this also ~ to know the perfect vibrational path of balance, grace and creation in the material dimension, in the everyday.

And you shall find your affinities ~ as the akashic record of the Starflower of Peach opens up, moon by moon, star portal by star portal, revealing more of who you are. Your own affinities and applicable ways in the material dimension shall become available and visible to you ~ gifted through the multi-dimensional, showing up as an image, a tone, as a parallel reality and doorways into presence and the choice to exist. For you remember who you are.


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