Elven Ascension Videos

Welcome to the Elven Soul Star Videos, transmissions for your Ascension, Remembrance & Return into all that You Are for the Dawn. May they bless your Oversoul, Crystalline Celestial Return for All the Realms!

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14.4.23 Celestial Swan Feathers

POD #18: Celestial Swan Feathers

I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #18 ~ Celestial Swan Feathers. I speak about the opening of the Golden Portal to the New Earth, the new physical ground of a higher dimensional reality and octave, that is a very real experience for so many of us, and a very real transition to shining in Oversoul, Soul Star embodiment. Becoming clad in our Celestial Swan Feathers, and living embodiments of the Future. Yet how to make the migration, for this to become the total reality we experience? How to cross over completely?42mins

31.3.23 Elven Celestial Heart

POD #16: Elven Celestial Heart

I share Immortal Starlight Pod #16  ~ Elven Celestial Heart ~ about the ways of sharing, of expressing, of moving beyond the silence, separation and invisibility. Of the Heart that shares its Light with the Many Hearts that are the Lighted Lamps of the Infinite Heart 34mins

23.3.23 Who Is Arianrhod?

POD #15: Who Is Arianrhod?

Arianrhod comes, her cascade of white silver hair, the diadem at her brow, gown of shifting iridescent silvers. In her hands she bears a golden moon flower, aglow with the Celestial, Oversoul aspect returning at this time. She is connected to your Avatar, your Celestial Oversoul expression that is returning to Earth for the Dawn 38mins

10.3.23 Elven Tree of the Sun

POD #13: Elven Tree of the Sun

It has been a long time since I made an Elven Video here! I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #13 ~ Tree of the Sun. I speak here of the Immortal Starlight Trees of Many worlds, of our home dimensions, and the crystalline layers of creation forged by the Trees and the crystals. How they herald and support our Return. So too, of Tolkein’s mythology and record of the Two Trees of Valinor, of Telperion and Laurelin ~ and the bearing all of this has upon the Now moment of our Ascension. 38mins

30.4.21 Altar Under the Oaks

POD #10: Laying out the Silver Wheel Mandala

I wandered to the woods, feeling the impulse of Elven pod#10 arriving, and with new tripod to uphold the camera, wondering what would come. I had gathered up crystals of the Silver Wheel, moccasins, and then like a flash of light the longing to simply share the moment of laying out the altar of the Silver Wheel under the oak, it came so strong! And so here it is, I know, it is not quite scintillating action movie!!! It is like a longing to connect, to create, and I hope it brings this joy too, a moment of bumbling, of something!  5.08mins


7.4.21 Swan Elder

POD #9: Can the Starlight Remembrance bring real transformation? 

My first Elven pod out and about, the oaks, swans, reeds of the marshes of Avalon. Walking and coming to the great Oak, this is a time of an arriving tangibility, solidity, the dream of the Soul seeking to become real, to arrive. The Swan of Soul Star presence, of the Shining One, of Immortal Starlight is landing within us. And the question arises ‘Can the starlight codes of remembrance truly transform my reality?’ 16.41mins

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26.3.21 Unicorn Wisdom

POD #8: Unicorn Wisdom: Chapter 13 of Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book  I share a reading of this beautiful and final chapter of the Silver Wheel, in my Elven Starlight Temple in Avalon. This is the wisdom of the Unicorn, the radical leap into our Soul's innocence, dream, primordial power and purity. It speaks of the fears we hold in this place, and how to find the courage to step through. I seem to be gazing off-camera here, apologies, I changed my setup ~ the transmission in the soul felt so very direct! 1hr 8mins

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12.3.21 Elven Sun Dance

POD #7: Elven Sun Dance  I share an Elfin Sun Dance, unfurling golden wings into the New Light. So moved to feel the golden Immortal Starlight frequencies flow through, frequencies of golden topaz and white starlight of the Elven Temple returning to earth. We are in a vast physical metamorphosis as we download the physical template and light body of the New Solar Self, our pure soul presence and new golden codes/realm. Through physical movement I explore this new body, allowing the movements of the New Solar Self to flow through, and releasing the codes of old presence.  I do hope it is inspirational and supportive to your own sacred creation and arrival process. Beautiful flute music by R. Carlos Nakai ‘Song for the Morningstar’ 10mins


5.3.21 Synchronising with the heartbeat of the golden earth

POD #6: Synchronising with the Golden Heartbeat of the Earth  I share an Elven transmission and teaching on synchronising with the heart beat of the earth as a Sunstar meditation or dawn/first light of your day meditation through the drum. Includes drum transmission 33mins

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26.2.21 Golden Roads of Return: the Drum

POD #5: GOLDEN ROADS OF RETURN: THE DRUM Elen introduces the Elven Starlight teachings of the Drum and its role in the New Dawn. Receive a drum transmission. Click on video to listen or download audio version to listen 17mins

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19.2.21 Chapter 12 of Silver Wheel

POD #4: CHAPTER 12 OF SILVER WHEEL Welcome to the Pearl Moon and the Twelfth Glyph of the Silver Wheel, the wisdom of the New Galactic Body of Light, of radical metamorphosis and dimensional shift 51mins

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7.2.21 Golden Topaz

POD #3: GOLDEN TOPAZ A CALL TO REMEMBRANCE Ever since the portal of Imbolc, it feels there is a new golden field of unity, a transit point into the New Earth that we are making 13mins

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30.1.21 Prelude of Silver Wheel

POD #2: INTRODUCING THE GROVE OF ARIANHOD Elen shares the Creation of the Grove of Arianrhod, introducing this sacred Elven Grove created during the time of Lemuria, especially for our ascension and return at this time 17mins

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17.1.21 Chapter 11 of Silver Wheel

POD 1: LEMURIA & THE ELDER CRYSTALS Elen reads Chapter 11 of the Silver Wheel. She shares the chapter of this moon, an overlighting wisdom for this phase of our ascension 40mins

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