Episode #70 ~ Polar Bear Medicine & Essence of Turquoise.

Beloved Angel of Dawn, I recorded this through the dreamy New Moon Portal, summoning words as this mysterious new beginning swirls through ~ sharing the essences of Polar Bear Medicine & Essence of Turquoise. They are weaving beautiful medicine of empowerment and guidance through this moment of our Ascension and Return.  

May is the Moon of the White Mountain in the Elven cycles of Light. It is the moon of the Crystal Mountains of Lemuria rising, bathed in the Immortal Starlight radiance of the New Cycle. It is about revelation from the Ancient keepers of the Lemurian Records. In this Pod I share the wisdom of being able to hold the frequency of ancient power and ancient knowledge with strength Here, through the power of the Earth Star Heart. This is a beautiful Call to Power for the Ancient Record Keepers  

May this bless your most beautiful path of the earth & the stars,  

With Infinite, Elfin Love, Elen


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