Episode #67 ~ Deepening into your Ancient Power

I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #67 ~ Deepening into your Ancient Power.

It’s been an interesting week ~ I’ve been delving further into the realms of Golden Wheel, the sequel to Silver Wheel (and part two of the Dawn Star Trilogy of the Elven!) I am writing the moment when Gwenhwyfar Ainu Ainara Isis Ashtara first walks upon the earth in the book, arriving through a portal of blizzard and the Angel Lights of the North. It calls me to summon forth all of her ancient power as well as her luminous Elven golden radiance ~ to open my heart to sensing her as never before.

So much more within the pod as I explore this, and theme of deepening into our Ancient Power at this time for our Ascension ~ May this bless your week to come, and your most beautiful path of the earth and the stars!

With Infinite, Elfin Love & Dawn Light,



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