Episode 63 ~ White Reindeer Woman & Primrose Moon.

Beloved Star,

I am so happy to share with you the Elven Ascension Update of this Week #63 ~ White Reindeer Woman & Primrose Moon.

I share of my current process of remembrance, the spheres of this and way of life. This process of remembering ancient wisdom, of this as a cumulative lifetime, when many lifetimes of Light converge, is common to many of us.

It is a beautiful and challenging experience, to trust and deepen into the listening, so that we truly unpack these multidimensional codes and gifts we are carrying. Yet, it sings as the path of the Dawn, of the New Sun and the Diamond Light codes of the Self we feel most deeply drawn to walk ~ that is most fulfilling. That feels most real, most beautiful, most true for all the realms. I share some practical and personal insights of this, of my own way of life.

May this inspire your own awareness of the choice-points of co-creation this brings for you this Primrose Moon, and Ostara Stargate of Equinox! Very special times, as we deepen into Luminosity, one with another in this Cycle of Light!

With Infinite, Shining Love,



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