Episode 60 ~ Elven Ascension update of this week

Beloved Angel, Here is Immortal Star Pod #60  ~ Elven Ascension update of this week  

In this the last phase of the Star Magnolia Moon, there is the collapse of the old auric field, and the Sun Disc of your Homeworld is being offered to you by Earth, Gaia.  

After a powerful dismantling this Full Moon, I sit drumming and singing in front of my altar  

Connecting to the Immortal Starlight essence and heartbeat of the Earth in her Ascension  

We are here for her Ascending Heart   And right now she is deep in her creation of Golden Realms  

She is creating our multiple individualised star nodes within her body of Light  

And this is now becoming the Earthen Golden Sphere of our New Aura  

I share so much more in this pod ~ about Golden Wheel, that I am writing at the moment, White Reindeer Woman, and theme of Immortal Starlight I AM Self-expression ~ of how this happens at the level both of Earth and Stars  

May this Bless your Most beautiful path of the Earth & the Stars!  

With Infinite, Elfin Love,


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