Episode #57 ~ How to overcome shyness & share your true beauty

Beloved Star,

I would love to share with you this question so close to my heart ~ how do gentle and starlight souls overcome shyness, their love of invisibility, to share their true beauty with the world?  

This is a journey I have made, and am making, a thousandfold ~ when there is such a crystalline calling within to share your Light, and yet also a love of deep stillness, silence ~ and in some ways, no desire at all to light up and come forward.  

Yet the starlight souls are being called, and carry such wisdom and beauty in their hearts for this transitional time into the next Great Age of Light. We literally carry this future within us. To be able to overcome this contradiction within is SUCH a blessing, so that one can move forward into the grace and magic of deeper interconnection and fulfilment ~ the peace of knowing you are expressing what you came here to share.   

May this bring blessings to your beautiful path!  

With Infinite, Elfin Love,


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