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Episode #5 Elven Celestial Jewels

Beloved Star,

Welcome to Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #5: Elven Celestial Jewels! The Star Jewels of our Home Worlds are returning at this time, and I share of the Golden Elven Crown of Gwenhwyfar, that comes from the Elven Realm of Efalianon Efalon, wrought of the golden oak leaves of that world, and its sacred powers.

I share of how the quantum treasures of our records work, and are accessed here upon this earth. What are these jewels, how are they created and what does it mean to reclaim them?

So much within, completing with an Elven Light Language transmission to activate your Celestial Star Jewels ~ never again to be lost, hidden, taken on and off ~ to walk once again clad in these, for all the worlds Brightest Blessings on your Beautiful Path of the Earth & Stars!

With Infinite, Elfin Love



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