Thirteenth Glyph

Making the Dream Real


'I am shown the Milky Way: this is your soul. The New Earth is the forgotten Love Song of this Interstellar Soul.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



This is the remembrance of a Love Song, that is the celestial song of earth as dreamt amongst the stars. 

 Discover the Immortal Light of the inter-galactic earth, and the ascended stellar realms of her greater presence. This glyph calls you to remember your own celestial and stellar aspects of soul, to ascend once more and reclaim this aspect of your multi-dimensional existence. 

You return to an earth that goes beyond the planetary sphere, into the full dimensions of her ascended galactic and inter-galactic realms. With this glyph, you open the stellar gateway once more, and walk amongst the stars, meeting with the star elders and their ascended realms of higher consciousness.

To remember the stars, is to remember the future.

The future is mysterious, and is not what we have thought. It is simply another dimension of the present moment, that we can access and unlock, bringing it here and now. 

You can journey to the stars to access the future, downloading the timeline you choose, and thus anchoring the new and diamond reality for all realms

This is the dance of true freedom, of liberation, to thus access and download the future, rather than waiting for it to arrive to you. This is the way of the Stars, and the Way of the Star Creator. To do so, is like awakening from a long dormancy, a long dream, where always it seemed somewhere far off, that you would travel into one day.

This glyph calls you to craft your dream, to make it real. Its guide is the Unicorn, who reminds you of the gentle, wild innocence and purity that calls you forward, the ancient, celestial, immortal dream of the heart

The Unicorn is the one who, with wise innocence and wild courage, chooses to make real the Dream of the Soul. By stepping into the realm of action, by crafting the dream into being, you step over into the new octave, your soul’s reality. This is overlit by the number 13, which is the number of shift  and movement from one reality, into a new octave, a new level of experience. It shines as a diamond portal, at the moment when we become ready to act upon the divine reality within. 

It can also stand for the chaos that occurs at this threshold when we go into resistance and act upon our fear instead. While this is a glyph of action, there is also a surrender of control, a death of ego that occurs. When we act upon the Vision of the Soul, we are literally activating a new dimension, we are placing ourselves upon a starship that takes us at light speed into the future, into another reality. Through action upon the Soul’s Vision, we generate this transit. This is why the resistance can be so fierce at this threshold.

At this threshold, there may come the final confrontation with your own inner doubts, fears and ambivalence. This sometimes is fierce and can feel unconquerable, yet with the wild purity and wisdom of your heart, lit by the Lamp of True Vision and Love, you go forward nonetheless.

You may face inner resistance to making the ethereal real; to making the infinite finite; the fear of imperfection, failure or being wrong. With the guidance of the Unicorn you give yourself permission, irrevocable permission, to go forward, to cross the threshold. 

By acting upon the dream, you truly enter into the higher dimensional experience upon earth that you have been longing for. You truly step across and become the New Earth.

Follow the Unicorn, the flashes of an unearthly white in the ancient cedar forest, until you come to the place where she stands ~ a cascade of forelock almost veiling her dark eyes, that gaze into yours. You feel her purity that is ancient, immortal, and wise ~ and you know, in this moment, that it is time to fulfil your mission, to make real the dream of your soul


This glyph is the inter-dimensional portal of Diamond and the Star dimension of Corona Borealis that carries us beyond this Universe into the realm of the Everlasting Stars and Source Consciousness


Animal Elder Guardian


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