Tenth Glyph

Activate your Golden Crown


'We must let go of all attachments to what we think of as good and bad, and allow the spontaneous arising of the New Earth.

It comes from a place beyond our conscious minds, from a wisdom so much deeper than our own.

And yet this wisdom arises spontaneously within us, like a pair of wings sprouting from our backs.' 


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



Each glyph of the Silver Wheel is a facet of the inter-galactic and higher dimensional earth. Of her original light and reality. Each glyph is an Elder code within our own bodies and souls, that is activating at this time of ascension. Its activation flows through nature, through the sun the moon and the stars at this time. And so, this one is the Golden Celestial Light, and it descends as the true crown of your sovereign spiritual discernment and knowing of the true nature of reality.

For aeons, humanity has been told to guard against the powers of illusion, warned not to trust themselves and their senses, and their ability to know God, Source, directly through their own essence. 

This knowing is seen as the realm of the prophet, the mystic, the visionary, the seer, and the priests and intermediaries of the Divine. In secular culture, our power of knowing reality directly is given to our scientists and scholars, governments, teachers and also to the higher positions of power in corporate and financial systems. There is always someone else in charge, someone else expected to see and to know the bigger picture of reality.

This has a deep root upon earth, as we entered an era of separation, density and forgetfulness, and the physical senses and emotions have been experienced as a veil to reality. And so many teachings in the last aeon, mystery schools, have sought to give guidance on how to break through this veil to truth. 

Yet so there have been deeper roots of control and energetic veiling, since the time of Atlantis, over how much spiritual sovereignty humanity has been allowed to experience. Energetic parameters have been placed, that limit our access of higher dimensional modes of perception, gifts and abilities. 

In this Age of Separation, there has also come to be the veneration of the mind of duality, the mind of judgment, and rigidly encoded structures of right and wrong, of moral and ethical law. These can come to us encoded through our familial as well as social, national, spiritual or religious groups. They have a fierce power, and it is one of the aspects of awakening, to break through their rigid limits. It can often bring up fear to do so. The fear of being judged. The fear of being wrong. The fear of being condemned, rejected, banished, persecuted for not holding the correct views. 

Yet the awakened mind has no such rigid distinctions. As the Golden Light of True perception awakens, you see once again beyond the veil, and discover that appearances are indeed misleading, and that the role of any given person, place or occurrence may be more subtle within the Divine Plan of Creation than appears. This is not a mind without discernment, it is not a mind of grey areas, rather there is a penetrating insight, that functions with powerful clarity. You know when this mind is operating, because it is entirely without judgement, and this is why it is known as angelic perception.

The Golden Light & the Tenth Glyph call you to release the seals and blocks placed upon your powers of angelic perception ~ your higher powers of clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and especially the power of the cosmic imagination. 

The cosmic imagination is a faculty of the Golden Light, and is the power to dream, to vision, to imagine reality into existence. From the Elven and Star vision, it is a capacity that is honoured and developed, as a primary portal to reality. 

This glyph attunes you to trust and honour your own visionary gifts and awareness. It dissolves the deep encodements from the time of Atlantis, that make you fearful of awakening this powerful gift.

It descends like a Golden Elven Crown, landing upon your brow and anointing as sacred your sovereign connection to Source. It calls you to honour once more your own perception, and to realise that the true nature of reality can only be known from within. 

It elevates this capacity once more as a sacred gift, that holds the power of direct access to reality and the invisible dimensions. You realise that with this gift you are holding a portal to the True Realms, that you must honour and maintain.

Activate your own sacred imagination and inner visioning, that is your power to dream and create reality consciously, in harmony with all the realms.


This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Rigel


Animal Elder Guardian

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