Seventh Glyph

Wisdom of the Waters


'The Water is a mirror of the heart, and the Love which needs to be given without restraint, but also received and accepted deeply and fully.

This Love needs never to be still, but always flowing, always being passed from one to another.

This is how the Great Lakes remain clear and full.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



This glyph of the Moonstone Waters corresponds to the Seventh Teaching of the Deerskin Book ~ that at the level of the soul, all is in flow ~ there is always this flow of giving and receiving.

This is the teaching of the Waters. The visions and gifts you receive from the starlight realms, from the Otherworld, need to be given, to be gifted to others. 

So also do you need to receive deeply from the realms of inspiration, of Love ~ to receive especially the frequencies that most deeply and directly nourish you, and that echo your true soul energy

This glyph calls you to balance your flow of giving and receiving, and especially to receive deeply and fully so that you can truly give of yourself when the time comes.

It is an invitation into the realm of Great Mystery, into peace, enchantment and rapture. It transmits the essence of the waters, of allowing, beyond control, the non-linear flow of the soul’s path, of following the heart.

It carries you to the Palace of the Evening Star, that lies in the West beyond the Moonstone Waters. This is also the realm of Venus, and holds an ancient realm of the Shining Ones and the Elven Elders. A beautiful planetary temple of the Solar System, long synchronised with the earth. 

There is a harmonic dance between the planets, Earth and Venus, and many of the wisdom codes of earth have been kept and stored here, until the time of Return. Here, long ago, the Lady of the Lake took her people, and the higher codes of Peace, the inter-dimensional wisdom of the waters were stored and held. 

These realms are now returning, the lost barges travel across the waters ~ allow yourself to receive these codes and memories.


This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Violet Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Cygnus


Animal Elder Guardian


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