Episode #42 ~ Shamanism & The Language of Light

Beloved Star of Worlds,  

I would love to share with you Immortal Star Pod #42 ~ Shamanism and the Language of Light  

This is the most extraordinary tool for transforming into who we truly are, restoring and returning our star DNA, and bringing through our greater knowing, genius and inspiration for the Dawn of a New Era of Peace on Earth.  

I share my journey of first meeting the Language of Light through my teacher Nancy Dancing Light, her transfigurative gifts as a shaman, and my own rather slow journey of surrender to this modality of Soul Star Return  

This story very much called to be shared this morning, as I pondered the pod. It lit up within me, a moment that has forever altered my life, and returned me to the Earth as the One Who I Am  

May this bless your most beautiful path of the earth & the stars!  

With Infinite, Starlight Love



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