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#Episode 23 Elven Cities of Light

Beloved Star of Worlds,

Welcome to Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #23 ~ Elven Cities of Light (I call this episode #24 in the pod ~ a little confused 🤪😂!)

I share of the writing retreat I am within, with the 7 Holy Books of the Elven Cities of Light ~ of the pathways of swanfeather and copal once more ~ and the Language of Light that lifts the veil of forgetfulness

A great transit or birth canal I feel at present, with the white starlight elemental and Diamond source codes moving into their vast mandalic and inter-linking design ` that is formative of our New Reality.

Keep dreaming your beautiful Dream ~ and Creating when you are called to…. In gentle rhythms that allow for the releasing of the veils as we go through this passage With Great Elfin

Love & Blessings on your Beautiful Path of the Earth and Stars



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