Episode #21 The Departure

Beloved Star,

Welcome to Immortal Starlight Pod #21 ~ The Departure


I speak of the Beauty Way of Letting Go, of the departure of realities, in the Light of Who We Are, and the Avatar Presence of Return


I had a dream that gave me a beautiful teaching around this, and I share this with you. The depth of the powerful energies sweeping us in a vast tide of transformation, of letting go and of arriving both.


I share of the essence of Blue Lotus, the Starlight Waters of the Beginning, and the anointing and stilling into the departure, as of preparing the beautiful rafts of beloved realities that sail away


These passages of release do not need to be difficult or traumatic, but can be walked with beauty and Peace in our hearts. I share here some ways to do this.


May this bless your most beautiful path of the Earth and the Stars!


With Infinite, Elfin Love,



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