Episode #19 Elven Swan Queen

Beloved Star of Worlds,

I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #19 ~ Elven Swan Queen

I share of the Swanfeathers arriving in the Now moment, of our Celestial, Galactic, Stellar, Earthly legacy for the Dawn, our ancient wisdom of worlds, timelines, dimensions arriving as never before, and how to be with this arrival in this quantum and mystical wave of the Now.

The Way of staying true to our own Celestial Blueprint, our own inner and far Beauty and Essence, of bringing forth our True Gift, without being distracted. The Elven Swan Queen of ELaïye so deeply supports us in this beautiful, grounded purity. This Quantum Blossoming into our own Light, our own Radiance.

Learn of ELaïye, of the Aurora Gate, of the Elven First Light, White Golden, Diamond Source radiance ~ the Swanfeather healing that the Elven Swan Queen gifts, cleansing your aura of all other energies so that you can remain true to this incredible quantum receiving of your own Swanfeathers of the Dawn

A most beautiful blessing of Remaining True, as the Solar Light of Spring grows, and the Emerald Lifeforce energies in the Northern Hemisphere!


With Infinite, Elfin Love



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