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Episode #18 Celestial Swan Feathers

Beloved Star of Worlds,  

I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod Episode #18 ~ Celestial Swan Feathers. I speak about the opening of the Golden Portal to the New Earth, the new physical ground of a higher dimensional reality and octave, that is a very real experience for so many of us, and a very real transition to shining in Oversoul, Soul Star embodiment. Becoming clad in our Celestial Swan Feathers, and living embodiments of the Future. Yet how to make the migration, for this to become the total reality we experience? How to cross over completely?  

What does New Earth look like, and how do we know when we are there? This is a path that goes beyond appearances. Our own Celestial Swan Feathers, the grace and guidance, the whisper of our intuition, our Greater Self, is always coming to us. Guiding us in this great migration from one earth to another. So too are the tools we have gathered from ancient lifetimes, the wisdom and practices that are now so valuable to us, in this era of transition. Whether we stand on ‘old earth’ or ‘new earth’, there is beautiful guidance within on how to maintain and deepen our experience of this Crystalline Octave, and to don our Celestial Swan Feathers in every moment  

May this bless your Beautiful path of the Earth and the Stars!  

With Shining Love



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