Episode #15 Who is Arianrhod?

Beloved Angel of Worlds,

I would love to share with you Immortal Starlight Pod #15 ~ Who Is Arianrhod?

Arianrhod comes, her cascade of white silver hair, the diadem at her brow, gown of shifting iridescent silvers. In her hands she bears a golden moon flower, aglow with the Celestial, Oversoul aspect returning at this time

She is connected to your Avatar, your Celestial Oversoul expression that is returning to Earth for the Dawn

This is the aspect of you that is linked to the Great Wise Plan of Angelic Return and Starlight Creation on Earth, the Great Cycle of Light that is Dawning, and plays the perfect part in this.

She initiates, ignites, deepens, clarifies that Celestial Soul Star return ~ your own Immortal Starlight for the Dawn

She is one of the Elders of Peace, of Corona Borealis, a constellation of 7 visible stars that is her silver crown in the skies. It is Caer Arianrhod ~ a castle, a fort, a sacred circle.

From here the silvery star descent of Silver Wheel in this galaxy. From here the fully evolved Elven sequencing of consciousness, its silvery star creation flows from other galaxies and dimensions of Light, the realms where we live and dwell and originate.

She welcomes back the Angels in their Full Remembrance ~ downloading your Immortal, Celestial templates and treasures for the Dawn, your realities, dimensions, your Homeworld. Strengthening your essence as a Star Creator, as ‘Elashima’, as One Who Creates, Generates

Come back to your First Light, your Elder Star

Calling back the Original Ones, the Angels of the Dawn

Those who create the Golden and Sacred Realities , travelling worlds so to do. There is a CONTINUUM of Divine Creation within us. ’Be what you are and be this now.’ The Swans from the parallel dimensions of Light, carrying already completed codes of Ascension from parallel universes, stars, worlds of Light. We know what it is to fall, to rise, to become. ‘You have spent aeons preparing’ There is no need for delay, for preparation. YOU HAVE ALREADY CREATED SO MUCH IN THE LIGHT.

She is really Calling Us Through!

Beautiful, beautiful transmission of her White-Silver energy at this time ~ a special Ostara Pod ~ may it bring Infinite Blessings on your Beautiful Path!


With Infinite, Elfin Love,



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