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Episode #10 Your 7D Golden Temple

Beloved Star of Worlds,  

Welcome to the realm of Immortal Starlight Dream Pod Episode #10 ~ Your 7D Golden Temple!  

I explore the Restoration of the Keys of Power in the very core of our physical realities, and the creation of the 7th Dimensional Golden Temples of our Angelical, First and Elder Starlight for the Dawn.  

What are the Temples? How does this relate to the energetics of the Now ~ I share also my own journey of the transfiguration of physical, financial, worldly realities, of the golden and silver codes of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, of inner and outer, physical and spiritual realities as they are transforming at this time.  

Brown envelopes, beautiful lostness, physical reality and golden letterboxes (all explained within!) …. May the owls drop this Elven envelope/invitation down the chimney at just the right moment for you! May your Golden Temple receive a most beautiful activation and summoning here!  

May the Golden Temples rise and rise!  

With Infinite, Elfin Love,

Elen Elenna


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