Episode #9 What of the Song of Discord?

Beloved Star of Worlds,

Welcome to Immortal Starlight Dream Pod Episode #9 ~ hola here we go, nearly in double figures! This one I am calling What of the Song of Discord? all though in truth I sat for a long whiles unsure of the title. It would as easily be ‘Song of First Light’ ‘Tolkein’s Account of Good and Evil’…. hmmm, may be many more…. but this is the one that landed…. I explore the beautiful and strange time we reside in, with one ‘music’ of creation phasing out, and another one arriving. Of how to track which song you are in, at the most subtle levels, how to distinuigsh the subtle layers of ancient inversions that can overlay our purest gift and I AM song/light/Self for the Dawn, and remain/become profoundly True.

I hope this sums it up ~ I listened to the whole thing myself afterwards, receiving all it gifted all over again, and adored some of the unexpected turns and links that were forged. I realise it ran in a great arc of concordance, to its last note, and so I recommend following the whole arc!

With Infinite, Starlight Love



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