Episode #6 Spirit of the Deer

Beloved Star,

Welcome to Immortal Starlight Dream Podcast Episode #6 ~ Spirit of the Deer!

I have longed to share of this, as my Spirit Name is Deer of the Morningstar, and Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book is overlit by the Spirit of the Deer. And so the essence of Deer dwells close to the heart of all that I share!

In this Pod, I share a very special way that the Deer supports us in our Ascension and Return.

Deer is the most beautiful ally at this time, bringing a spirit of gentleness and grace to the profound and powerful transitions we are within. A beautiful activation of this within the pod…

Discover more within!

May this bring Brightest Blessings to your Return for all the Realms!

With Infinite, Elfin Love



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