Ninth Glyph

Accessing the New Cosmic Archetype of your Soul


'The New Earth involves also an attunement to Space itself, to nothingness, to the Silence.

It is a letting go of form and light and sound.

This is the Stillness or Great Perfection that exists before and within all things.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



This glyph holds the signature of a deep spaciousness, an initiatory space into which you can release the old version of self, the archetype and mythic constellation of reality that has been holding you. 

It invites the unravelling, surrender and dismantlement of this, so that you may become the spaciousness into which the new constellation and cosmic archetype of Self arrives.

Guided by the White Whales, this is the initiation of the Star Walker, the one who travels universes and galaxies, and who masters the dissolution and recreation of starlight form, of worlds ~ who travels the spaces between one dream and another, between one star and another.

This glyph calls you to bring clarity to your process of release, and allows you to let go of the old version of self, the old paradigm in a way that is authentic and complete. 

It will help you meet the challenge of allowing the space between the old dream and the new, the hiatus or gap between them. This is the courage to allow unknowing, to be present when you have no idea what is to come, and even more than this, to discover the beauty and the prayerfulness of this state and phase of the soul. 

For we come to this again and again, not once only. It is part of the dance of the infinite, and the journey of evolution, that we transit from one world, one reality, to another. At this time upon earth, there is collective transit from one dimension, one octave, to another. And so the frequency of such passages, as we undergo continuous blueprint upgrades in order to make this shift, is marked.

We are finding that within the space of one lifetime, we are undergoing vast identity shifts, where our desires and dreams, the core sense of self and trajectory is falling away so completely, and we are activating higher dimensional lifestreams that may bear little resemblance to what came before

Navigating the dismantlement and the ‘dark night of the soul’ that comes between dreams, between worlds, is the gift of the Ninth Glyph and Magenta Flame

As we master the gift of the star walker, the space walker, we learn to walk these passages with beauty.

We learn to rest in Mystery, we learn to dissolve ourselves, to allow falling away, as with the falling away of the autumn leaves.

To become an unconditional prayer of Love, resting in the Infinite Perfection of All, not clinging or forcing the outcome, only in loving prayer for the highest vision and outcome, the highest expression for all.

For paradoxically, the future arrives when we surrender completely to the Perfection of the present, just as it is

Then the star gate to a New Reality opens ~ in the Mysterious Now

Rather than trying to fill this space from the level of mind, you allow the deep arising of the new cosmic archetype from beyond, from the unknown. From the realm of celestial, cosmic inspiration in alignment with the New Dawn.

Download the new cosmic archetype that is your destiny, that which comes from the future ~ allow the spaciousness into which this can arrive.


This glyph is an inter-dimensional portal of the Magenta Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Lyra


Animal Elder Guardian

White Whale


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