Twelfth Glyph

Quantum Shift into a New Era


'This body shall become translucent with Light: it shall shine. It shall become indivisible with its holiness.

In one lifetime it shall make the transformation it needs to make in order to become the New Human.

And then we shall leave the template for the generations who follow.'


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~



This Glyph is overlit by the Pearl Flame of the Everlasting Stars, and brings the far vision of a New cycle of Creation, and the codes of the New Human.

It lights within you when you connect the incoming codes of Light, and allow your DNA to make radical transformation and shift, letting go of the past and becoming the embodiment of the New.

This is the Immortal Starlight luminance of Love, walking the earth in a New Era, by the light of a New Diamond Sun. 

It arrives in pearl waves of far light, iridescence of tones never seen before, landing crystalline codes of a New Cycle of Source Love, Light and Wisdom upon earth.

To hold this vision requires fierce truth and courage, in a time of transition where many timelines and frequency variations are presenting, and each one must find the inner compass, the guiding star of their own Morning Starlight, their own subtle and invisible shift points. 

The timeline of the New Dawn, the Diamond Sun may yet remain invisible to many, and as we transition out of old collective agreements, and consensual realities, there is a spirit of fierce courage, truth, and also respect that is called forth. 

As you make your own timeline choices and alignment, you shall find yourself called to let go and become free of old relationships and agreements with reality. You establish profound inner respect for your own choices, without needing or demanding the approval or affirmation of others. You activate the spirit of the radical, the rebel, from the purest place. For this is the rebel who loves and respects all, remaining fiercely true and yet respecting the choices of others. For they know that all timelines and perceptions are to be honoured.

Instead, there is the pure devotion to becoming the Love that you are, and surrender of old worlds, owning grief and loss in the process of dimensional transition. Thus the codes become anchored and physicalised, as the forerunners and souls here to do this first, establish this new vibrational octave for the generations to come.

This glyph focuses upon radical metamorphosis, upon a quantum shift. It is about making this choice in this Now moment. No more preparation or becoming ready, no more believing yourself ever the caterpillar. Acknowledging that you are already the Butterfly, and taking to flight

Come to the Morningstar Lodge of the Eagle Elders, a realm built aeons ago upon the earth. Here you access a far-reaching vision of profound and wise hope, your greatest hope, and that which you most long to become. 

You are called to become a Star of the Dawn, to vibrationally shift into your miraculous, otherworldly embodiment for the New Earth. This is a deep vibrational shift into becoming visible as a Morningstar of the Dawn.

The Morningstar Lodge is the sacred sphere of the Eagle Elders, the ancient star souls who for so long have protected the evolutionary vision of the Earth. They gift you the fierce courage and vision to remain true to your highest dream and destiny.

You climb the topaz steps that spiral upwards, ascending amongst the silvery trees. It is a spiral ladder of inlaid topaz, ascending into the shimmering realm of the Morningstar Lodge. It is a crystalline lodge, built only in the hours when both moon and Morningstar shine in the sky. You enter this ethereal and otherworldly sanctuary, suspended in the forest like an ancient prayer. Within are the Eagle Elders, each with a fan of feathers at their brow. Sitting in a circle, their presence is formidable...

With their gaze of fierce focus, they ask for your truest hope, for that deepest and most beautiful hope that is truly your flame and Morningstar of the Dawn


This glyph is the inter-dimensional portal of the Pearl Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of Draco


Animal Elder Guardian



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