"I wish I could put into words all that I feel in my heart about Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey through the Silver Wheel. It is at once the most incredibly deep and most expansive journey to the very core of All and Oneself and its Blossoming and Return and yet also the most beautiful and gentle and graceful. The most powerful and most peaceful. I felt and was told so strongly in my heart that dedicating myself to this Elven journey was all that I needed for my own Return. With each moon I have witnessed that so strongly. Elen is everything I could hope for and more on this journey. It makes my heart sing so completely and I know that as one cycle completes I will wish to remain on and cycle again. I would so heartily recommend this journey to anyone so drawn and would do so with every fibre and beat of my heart and soul."

~ Sam Oliver

"You hold tremendous and pure Elvin energies that resonate on the deepest soul level of my being. Being a part of the Elvin Starlight Course has been like coming home to my true Self and what I have been waiting for my whole life, so deepest deepest and immense gratitude and thanks for your presence in my life!"

~ Kate O'Sullivan



"The gentle yet profound teachings that spring forth from Elen and the Elven Starlight Journey, light up my whole being and sing to my soul. I often weep at the pearls of remembrance that drop into my awareness.

During this course, I have learnt to listen again and track my own inner guidance, for I had been so pulled away from my heart by the noise of the world. 

Words cannot really express what this course has gifted me, there are realms beyond realms of inter-dimensional beauty that await you, as and when you step through this divine Sapphire Earth portal….. “

~ Catherine Truscott


"Within the Starlight Journey of the Silver Wheel - moon by moon, glyph by glyph - potent lived learnings, remembrances, and awakenings await, perfectly attuned in time to the flame in the Moon's hearth. With keen intelligence, courage, and purity of heart, Elen Elenna guides and companions our Earth-circled community, as the White Deer, along the ancient future paths, gently nudging and breathing us ever deeper, farther. The Starlight Journey and Elen Elenna are luminous pearls of grace."

~ Meg McGee


“This journey was simultaneously cosmic, beyond the beyond and also the most natural simplicity of being Here. 

What is it to be pure? Purity of heart. Of intent. Is everything.

The final steps do not have to be walked alone. It is a raising up, an ascension field held by a circle of friends. There is no top of the mountain, no vision quest. Truth is in the heart, the home of all visions. The beginning and the end.

To see and be seen for who you are is measured by the purity of Ones heart, the light shining through the eyes that speaks the immortal language..of Truth. There are no words here, just recognition. Infinite union of understanding.

Elen thank you for everything. Always.”

~ Kelley Swanlight


“Elen’s Elven Starlight Guided Journeys for me are far beyond exquisite—and Elen herself so masterfully eloquent and finely attuned to the deep flowering within her—that they are nothing short of profound. 

She weaves in her poetic, lyrical language a journey that transports you along primordial pathways of such magnificence, calling forth resounding, welcoming worlds of Timeless Beauty and Light, anchoring it ALL powerfully into the sacred here and now.”

~ Helena C Prentice, “The Magical Mistress”


“Thank you so much for holding such a magical retreat – and leading us through such exquisite and potent teachings with such grace. It has had a profound affect on me and one i’m still working with but i feel that this remembrance of my elven star lineage is of huge import both for my soul make-up and for my work – and i can’t thank you enough for that."

~ Natalya Elliot, Shaman of Enchanting the Wild Soul


"I recently shared energies & space with Elen on her Swanfeather & Sapphire workshop. Elen brings much so much wisdom and purity which allows trust within strangers to flow. A teacher with rare qualities, a purity of communication, along with integrity, openness and the ability to hold a safe & supportive space. Which has provided an unlocking of many doors for me. Working with this beautiful soul, will push you, expand you, help you become the best version of you."

~ Jay Carpenter, Elven Light Healing, Faery Shaman, Vibrational Essence Practitioner & Poet


"the land magical 

the group a reunion of star brothers and sisters allowing each one of us to be who we are- unconditionally 

elen holding the space ever so softly, guiding us gently, yet with so much strength, sparking remembrance of the shining stars we are , stepping forward unfolding into the silver wheel dance with the land"

~ Nicole Frobusch


"Elen is one of those rare beings that combine deep intuitive sensitivity with gentle and powerful wordcraft. What she has known from birth in her bones, she weaves into words with skill and ancient knowledge. Over a number of years I have enjoyed her clear integrity of soul and shining spirit. Her power to invoke and shift energy with words is truly beauty-full and in the deep traditions of soul storytelling and bardic Śeeing.”

~ Faith Nolton, Shamanic & Visionary artist and poet, author of 'Gardens of the Soul’, founder of Sacred Hoop Magazine


“Elen is Elven, embodied… beautiful, graceful and full of wisdom….. and a Shining One.. it was an honour to be there and receive all the powerful glyphs”

~ Val Young, Artist & Illustrator of Dragons Ho! Cards


“Last Sunday at the Silver Threads event in Avebury Elen stole our Hearts, polished them with the sparkling light of ancient Elven Wisdom and gave them back, beaming, with a glittering new awareness.

At our Gathering Elen introduced us to each of these luminous teaching in turn; with words, sounds, song and drum, embedding seeds of light within our souls to encourage us to claim our personal gifts as we enter the Golden Dawn of a New Earth.

It was truly transformational. Such a blessing to be in the presence of this gentle, softly spoken woman who moves with the grace of the Deer.”

~ Sue Coulson, Cosmic Classroom Channel/Workshop & Event Facilitator


“This is such a heartfelt thank you to a truly beautiful, shining and pure soul. Elen your gentle yet very powerful ability to hold Sacred space for our reconnection and remembering of who we are is profound. No words can truly capture the magnificence of your gifts to the world. All I can say is thank you dear one, thank you.”

~ Isobel Stamford, Artist, Harp Musician, Channel & Intuitive Guide



“Elen is a deeply inspired and inspiring spiritual teacher and healer. She works with a grace and compassionate wisdom that enable profound transformations to happen. The purity, light and shimmering strength of her presence show how she is embodying in herself what she shares with others. It is a deeply joyful experience to be with her, and with the exquisite energies of the Silver Wheel teachings which she transmits with such radiance and blessing."

~ Clara Goodheart, Alchemy Crystal Bowl Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Mystic & Priestess


"I had no idea what to expect…as always my interactions with Elen are a deep calling from my heart and bypass my logical mind. As I walked in through the door all the tensions from the journey evaporated and I was welcomed in by her gentle warmth and radiance. She embodies her Elven teachings and I can effortlessly imagine her shining her light at Rivendell in Lord of the Rings!"

~ Francesca Cassini, Author, Intuitive Mentor, Founder of Silver Tent


"I finally stepped free of my chrysalis casing and experienced my fragile wings in the light of the new dawn”

~ Juliet Ablett, Homeopath & Elven Shamanic Ceremonial & Dawn Quest Leader


"Elen is an authentic, embodiment of love, grace, strength and wisdom. Her dedication and passion for her work is evident, enabling you to feel safely held, whilst gently challenged, as you embark on an intergalactic star trek into your own divinity.....A truly heartwrenching, breathtaking and transformative experience!"

~ Jenna Gray


“I’m finding the Elven Starlight Journey to be a beautiful weaving of realms, both ancient and starlit . . . wonderfully expansive, and yet intimate and familiar. Following the moon cycle of each month, the teachings and healing energies are weaving into my day-today life in the most beautiful and helpful of ways.

Thank you Elen for channeling and facilitating this unique path of remembrance and awakening!”

~ Satya Alcorn, Nature Intuitive, Healer & Creator of Sacred Space

“Journeying with Elen has been and is truly magical. Each journey is unique and offers a weaving of dimensions, creating a tangible experience which feeds into all worlds. 

There is a familiarity to Elen's energy which unlocks soul memories and takes one into spaces long held , awaiting to reawaken.

I fell in love with The Silver Wheel and love every moment of our journeys together from the holy land of Avalon to all the lands where we dwell... to Lemuria , through stargates and beyond.

Thank you Elen, you are such a gift in these times of the great Return."

~ Eileen McTeir, New Zealand


OMGOSH!!!!!!  WOW!

"What a glorious creation you’ve gifted… It’s visually stunning and the content is beyond… 

I had tears streaming down as I read through. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you"

 ~ Molly


“ just ‘wow’ βœ¨πŸ’›βœ¨ the materials I just opened are just exquisite....so so beautiful..... Much love and so so grateful for the beauty I’ve received..... πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•"

~ Catherine Truscott


Elven Aurora Portal


Awaken the Celestial Traveller Within