Second Glyph

Great Solar Ages of Peace


'The New Earth is built of Star Light: it is by awareness of this Star Light that we transform.' 


Silver Wheel: The Lost Teachings of the Deerskin Book

~ Elen Elenna ~


With this glyph, you carry the dreams of your heart into the solar radiance for renewal. Your solar, stellar & galactic selves are awakening ~ you are becoming a Shining One, an Angelic Elder of the earth once more.

If you wish to be bathed in shimmering golden, Elven sunstar radiance ~ like a liquid, starlight honey ~ this is the glyph for you! For this glyph reminds us of the Far Solar Ages of earth, the ancient golden eras of the Great diamond Suns that have been before, and the knowledge that another such Age and Cosmic Cycle is initiating.

It is a beautiful renewal of joy, inner luminosity and magic. It ignites the star of the heart, and re-kindles your dream of an otherworldly radiance that shines within as the lantern of a New Dawn.

It also brings the far roots and foundations of remembrance, with connection to this vast crystalline record within the earth, that enable you to feel the ancient grounding of this new and higher octave. There is ancient wisdom within us, and you hold some of these memories of far remembrance, to be awoken like precious moonstone orbs, time capsules in the Now

It is time to let go of the struggle and grief and lost hope, to surrender into a deeper magic. You may have experienced the shattering of your heart’s hopes many times over, and experienced the depths of despair and lostness. 

The moonstone of your dreams, of your innermost heart, is now carried into the realm of the sun ~ the lunar realm of a long night of the soul is healed, and the ancient, faraway and beautiful dreams held therein are reclaimed.

The ancient, lunar and incoming, solar aspects of the soul interfuse. You are uplifted into a new cycle of radiance and creative inspiration. 

The new solar, crystalline light codes uplift your innermost heart in a wave of miraculous grace and quantum starlight creativity, and you are infused with awareness of a new Solar Age on earth and within the Self


This is the Second Glyph of the Silver Wheel and is an inter-dimensional portal of the White Gold Flame of the Everlasting Stars and the Star dimension of the Pleiades


Animal Elder Guardian


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